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T h i r d -Video-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
Uhm, hello everyone! [ She gives the screen a little awkward wave, she isn't used to this but she was trying to make this look natural. She had a niddle and rather colorful cloth between her hands, which might have been there to cover up a few wounds as well. ]

I hope everyone is alright? If anyone needs any first-aid you could tell me, I'll try my best.

[ After a short worried glance up, she hurried over to the device to put an end to the rather short recording. ]

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Oh~? That's awfully sweet of you.

I want to do anything I can...

[ She awkwardly continued with her sawing, eyeing the cloth intently. ]

[Break hums lightly.]

Are you always this thoughtful?

... I wouldn't say so!

[ She blushed, shaking her head promptly. ]

Hm? I think you're lying to me~.

I don't lie, I'm just trying to help.

It's not your helpfulness I doubt. It's your thoughtfulness. For someone to think like that, they must be thoughtful.

Hm, that could be true then.

[ She'll nod. ]

It is~. I would never do such a thing, but I'm hardly thoughtful~.

I'm sure you are, though.

Hm~, doubtful.

[Nope. Not thoughtful in the slightest. At least, Break thinks he's not.]

[ A blink, then she giggled. ]


Really~. I'm sure Gilbert-kun would tell you all about it, if you asked.

... Gilbert? You know Prussia?

... Prussia? I'm not familiar. Perhaps we know two individuals with the same name. I'm speaking of Gilbert Nightray. Tall, black hair, rather irritable all the time.

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