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第十九章- [Video]
helmetless - so I kinda blew up a buildi
put_yur_guns_on wrote in rubycity_rp
[The young warlord sits at the edge of the wooden floorboards outside of his house, a shallow cup held delicately between his fingers as he takes a sip, leaning back against the side post.

He glances down at the piece of paper in his other hand, penned with one simple line in Japanese, that of which he folds with a simple shift of his fingers before resting his hand over the large lizard-like creature that lies sprawled half across his lap.

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Oh! That looks like those things... is it okay to keep it with you?

Hn? [He arches a brow and then laughs at that.]

He's been here before all the other big ones appeared. You go deep enough in the woods here and you'll find 'em, but they're pretty mean so I wouldn't advise it.

Oh, so it's one of the residences?

Probably more so than we are. Not that I know if these things were brought in by those Two just like we've been.

[He pats Gojira, who yawns widely before settling again.]

... Those two?

[ She blinked, quickly raising the communicator. ]

Yeah. Although I wonder that they're still around. Haven't heard of them? The Interloper and Watcher.

I haven't. Are they people in charge here?

That was the story originally. They hardly showed their faces though, but they admitted to bringing us here to watch and see how we'd handle things. But then I've heard that Temper and those other guys that came originally as guests are now running the show here.

Ah, would you mind telling me more, please?

[ There could be a way out... ]


[He sets down his sake dish, resting head back against the post.]

It was pretty recently. Some guy named Vash- guess he's had a chance to talk to Temper and the others. Said there were seven of them. I've only ever spoke with Temper, and that was once, when he'd first shown up in the city.

[His single eye narrows at the memory. It hadn't been a pleasant meeting.]

V-Vash? Brother did this...

[ She nodded, listening closely but she noticed that so she looked away, shaking her head. ]

You don't have to tell me more if it bothers you.

Your brother? I've never talked to him in person. He made an announcement to the city with his findings.

[He shakes his head.]

They haven't pulled anything on anyone personally, recently. I probably shouldn't have confronted the guy with the intentions of starting a fight, but I was pretty fed up with how things were going, and then having Temper show up saying they'd been invited just really got to me.

If you ever do run into him, be careful. He likes to talk. Not the only thing, though. He can say something and you'd do it, takes some kind of control.

Ah, that could be before I came here...

[ Once again nodding, she took note of that furrowing her brows. ]

I'm sorry you had to go through that, although I can tell that was very brave of you.

I'll make sure to be careful, I promise.

[A smirk tugs on his face at that.] Hey, no need to be. I know there's a risk every time I draw my swords.


Good. So you got a name?

Well, don't push yourself to much, alright?

[ She gave him a quick nod back, sighing heavily. ]

Lichtenstein, Lili for short.

Heh, not the first time someone's told me that.

Nice meeting you, Lili. Name's Date, Masamune.

Then it seems you never really listen.

[ She nodded, politely. ]

Same goes for me, Date... Could you be Japanese? That name is rather... hard.

[ Used to German, shush. ]

You think so? Oh, I do listen- I just put it into consideration with what needs to be done.

[He smirks again.] That's right.

... Sounds like someone I know. [ She sighed. ]

Ah, I see.

Oh yeah? [He seems amused.]

Been to Japan?

Hm, so hard working, you two.

Yes, I have been there a few times.

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