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001 -- [Video]
breaking_candy wrote in rubycity_rp
[When the communication device comes on, it's hard to see what's going on. All that can be seen is the ground.]


[The video twists in the air before a moment before getting pulled up. Focusing now on Break's face, Break appears to be pulling the watch close to his face. Now there's fingers running over the screen once before an odd smile covered his face.]

This isn't Oz's pocket watch, is it Emily?

[No one responds to his question, and he certainly doesn't seem deterred by it. He hums lightly to himself, his fingers running over the device another time.]

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Ah. It's nothing really, he's just... an associate of mine. It appears he's not even here.

Well, being back home might be safer for him.

[ She's hoping he doesn't feel bad, so here, she's trying to cheer him up? ]

It is really that dangerous of place?


[ She nodded, falling silent for a moment just long enough for her to pull of her sleeve to show him a bandaged up wound on her arm. It had some bloodstains, but she managed to cover it up. ]

Yes, it is.

[He can't see it, but he's able to hear her rolling up her sleeve. He understands what's going on.]

Oh dear. Whatever happened?

There were rather large creatures just before you arrived, I'm glad you came after they were gone.

[ She quickly looked back up, shrugging off the stinging pain to at least look calm. ]

Large creatures? Does that happen often?

[Not that monsters bother him or anything.]

Not from what I can tell, I just arrived here.

Ah~. What an unfortunate thing to arrive to.

It's alright, I managed.

[ All the while straining on a smile. ]

Yes, it appears you have. You'll continue to stay out of trouble though, no~?

I'll try my best, don't worry.


What were you doing around monsters anyway? You don't seem like a fighter.

Uhm, I can defend myself. But I didn't want to fight them...

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