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6th Troll [Action]
i_love_humans wrote in rubycity_rp
[Izaya is a city person.

A city person who is very attached to creature comforts, and electronics. 

A city person who has roughly no servival know-how

A city person who just happens to have fallen in the river, and is now drowning because he doesn't know how to swim.]

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[ At spotting someone drowning she couldn't help but run over to try and help them out, but she brought her little pet with her so the rabbit will swim right next to her owner.

With a quick gasp, she swam down to pick him up. Under water everything is lighter, so it was easier for her to bring him up. ]

[Getting saved by a little girl is embarrassing. Getting saved by Vash's little sister, is worse. This never happened.

A little bit away, something splashes, a ridged back slides back into the water, followed by a splash as it's tail follows.]

[ She is trying to help him, he should be happier. =/ Although she did get herself soaked, her rabbit was still happily swimming while getting slightly caught up in her ribbon that fell out of her hair. At noticing this she quickly pushed him onto the side of the river, hoping he would hold on then quickly swam after her pet, hoping to be able to catch it.

She wasn't exactly good at swimming but she enough, which also made her rather scared due to her living in the mountain for a most of her life. She noticed that splash and it only made her fear this river even more, but her rabbit was still here so she couldn't just leave it, it was just like family to her. That and her ribbon is expectually precious to her, being a gift from her brother and all. ]

You should get out...!


Shit shit shit!

He tugs himself on shore, forcing himself to breath while he looks for a long branch. Izaya takes great pleasure in leading others to their death, but this is different. He didn't manipulate her, she would not die of her own choice, if she is eaten by whatever creature is in the water, it would have no meaning, and as such, Izaya would get no pleasure in it. Besides, if she dies, he knows for a fact that Vash is going to kill him in a way that makes drowning seem pleasant.

He grabs a long branch that had fallen and dragged it back, holding it out over the water.]

Grab your rodent and then hold on, I'll tug you back.

You can't believe how much I laughed at that. xDD

Ah... Sure!

[ She quickly pulled back her rabbit, then looked back at her ribbon, it was a present but she had her priorities. Biting back a little pout she reached out for the branch, but she barely managed to grab on. ]

It's a bit too far... I'll just swi-

[ She felt something brush her leg, wasn't sure what it was though so she quickly tried to swim back while kicking at whatever was next to her. Might not be the best thing she did, but pulling out her gun that was currently strapped to her leg was a bad idea since she could easily be pulled down that way. ]

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