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S E C O N D -Voice-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ From the tone of her voice, you can tell Liechtenstein is tired. You could also hear something whimpering, it's a very small voice though. ]

U-uhm... Hello, excuse me? This worked the last time... Is anyone else stuck in [ A pause, which was followed by a cough. ] a jungle with dinosaur looking creatures?

[ She dropped the communicator, with a slight whimper. ]

They shouldn't be here.

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[Well it seems the huge dog sitting next to you is]

[ She blinked, then quickly stepped back looking rather scared. It was just a dog... but her several scratches and bruises due to falling down and a few other things made her not want to take anymore chances. ]


[Oh, no, he doesn't want to scare her, and he's not sure about how she'll react to him changing form in front of her. So instead, he lies down, head to the ground, whimpering a little]

[ At hearing that she very hesitantly stepped closer, reaching out to touch it. ]

I'm... sorry?

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[He lets her touch, tail wagging happily, anything to show that he's not a scary dog.]

[ She blinked, happily continuing to pet him. ]

Do you have a name, hmm?

[Kou tilts his head up, showing a collar he got himself, which has his name clearly printed on the tag.

As for the petting, he would like to pretend like he doesn't enjoy it, but his tail is a little more truthful.]

[ She smiled, so he understands her? She looked at it for awhile, trying to read the small text. ]


[ She noticed that though, so she still petted him. ]

[He barks in response, an answer that she is free to take as a yes.

He'll allow the petting, cause petting from pretty girls is more than ok.]

[ She looked confused at this, staring at him. ]

Isn't Kou... Hm...

[Another bark in reply, that one a clear yes. That Kou, this Kou, same Kou. If she takes a step back he'll show her]

[ She won't, but she will let go all the while staring. ]

[Oh, staying close is good too <3

Kou will begin to glow, paws turning into hands, fur to clothes, and his tail disappearing. Now sitting before her is Kou, in his Rei form.]

Heh, hey~

Also /coughs due to plurk you might get a Lulu. xD

A-are you alrig-

[ She tilted her head, taking a step back. Everyone here was so... strange! She slowly started to understand, although the rabbit leaped out of her arms to cling slightly to him. Apparently it like him? ]


Kou does not approve of this, I think it's a wonderful ldea and needs to be done

[Well hey,the rabbit likes him. That's great! He'll pet the little thing, careful of his claws]

The one and only~

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