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F I R S T -Video-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[She reaches up fiddle with her ribbon, it's a small tick she has but at least it managed to calm her down some,] I need to find a way to get home quickly. It getting rather late.

Brother? ... This doesn't look like home

[She continues on looking for someone, anyone to help her] Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come outside at this time, even if I was only following that rabbit.

I should have stayed home and finished fixing my dress...Maybe if I find someone...But I promised not to talk to strangers

[She frowns looking confused, almost chocking the rabbit she had in her arm with her grip.]

O-oh? [ She only now noticed the small phone like machine in the pocket of her dress, with a blink she pulled it out with her free hand. ] What's this...?

It doesn't look like something I know. [ This drove her back into confusion, due to her knowledge of technology. ]

Is this on? Hello? Brother?

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Ah, I'm afraid you're stuck here for the moment. I can help you get settled safely here, though.

[ Someone else? Is this some kind of phone? She blinked a few times, looking around herself. ]

That would be much appreciated, thank you.

Why don't you come to my shop? I can give you directions and you can have a cup of tea. It's much less daunting with another person to talk to instead of this machine.

That would be nice, if it wouldn't bother you...

It's fine. I greet most, if not all, of the new arrivals.

[[Mostly to make herself look good, but it's still valuable information.]]

Ah, you seem very kind, miss!

[ Sush, she is innocent as rocks. ]

It's sir, not miss.

Anyway, my shop [[Blah blah directions near the theatre.]]

A-ah, sorry...

[ Well, she'll be there once she manages to calm down her rabbit. Which makes her hope shehe doesn't mind animals. ]

[[She minds dogs, but she doesn't mind rabbits. Her shop has a sign that reads 'Ergaleomancer' hanging over it, and it smells of wet ashes (lapsang souchong tea is very ashy and smoky in scent), and the sound of ticking comes from within.]]

[ She reached that place whiten under half an hour, due to her being rather far away. At finding the place, she gave the door a light knock. ]

[[The door is opened by a little machine that looks like a pocket watch with arms and legs.]]

[ She was shocked by that but nodded to herself, slowly walking in. ]

[[Theta is at the counter. She looks up and smiles. Across the counter from her is another stool, and she gestures at it invitingly.]]

Come in, sit down.

[ She followed that and sat down, curiosity filling her wide eyes. ]

Thank you

[[Theta sets out a teacup, and a kettle waddles over, bowing to her to fill it.]]

Just tell the teapot how you take your tea.

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