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F I R S T -Video-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[She reaches up fiddle with her ribbon, it's a small tick she has but at least it managed to calm her down some,] I need to find a way to get home quickly. It getting rather late.

Brother? ... This doesn't look like home

[She continues on looking for someone, anyone to help her] Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come outside at this time, even if I was only following that rabbit.

I should have stayed home and finished fixing my dress...Maybe if I find someone...But I promised not to talk to strangers

[She frowns looking confused, almost chocking the rabbit she had in her arm with her grip.]

O-oh? [ She only now noticed the small phone like machine in the pocket of her dress, with a blink she pulled it out with her free hand. ] What's this...?

It doesn't look like something I know. [ This drove her back into confusion, due to her knowledge of technology. ]

Is this on? Hello? Brother?

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[Shameless pervert Kou may be, but bad person is he not. He jumps on his communicator, and puts aside any flirtatious intentions, at least for the moment.]

Hey, relax, nothing's gonna get solved by you fretting.

Maybe I can help you.

[Video] JLKHFAF someone plays him! <333333333333

A-ah, yes.

[ She gave him a nod, trying to calm herself down. ]

Can you please tell me where I am? ... America-san?

[Video] I love you for the voice actor ref <3

America? Um... no, I'm Japanese... [more or less]

You're in a place called Ruby city, basically, you're in another world. Um, if you have any way of moving from one plane to another, I suggest you don't try. It hurts.

... you know, you look a lot like someone I met... [Met, had a gun held to his head, same thing.]

[Video] Ufuf. WHAT. WHERE?

Ah, you don't look like Japan...

I can't... leave? [ Her eyes widened, looking at the screen in disbelief. There must be a way back, right? ]

Who would that be?

[Video] [is doing a happy dance cause someone knows about Kou]

Well of course I don't look like a country. I'm not enormous or an island.

Unfortunately... no. We're all kinda stuck here... But I'm told that when you're returned to the world you're from it will be from the moment you were taken.

Um, he never said his name, but he had hair like yours, about ye high, gun to my head, ringing any bells?

[He offers a relaxed smile, hoping his mood would brush off on her]


So it would be as if I never left?

[ That was enough to bring a smile to her face, but him smiling helped as well. ]

Yes! That's my brother!

Just curious, why would you think that?

Yup, as far as I was told, you should be popped back in your world like no one knew you were missing.

[Such a cute smile...]

Well there you go, it's not so bad then, is it?

[At the moment, Kou is contemplating the pros and cons of flirting with a cute girl who has a trigger happy brother. He really isn't looking for any holes in his body, but she's so adorable....]

You're voice reminded me of someone.

Well, I'll have to be sure that I can go back home...

[ She gives him a much more energetic nod, feeling much better now she sighs. ]

Thank you!

[ Is getting a boot to you head</s> shot to the head worth it...? ]

[Video] And to my cat Mittens, I leave my entire, vast- boot to the head

It did? Well are they handsome like me?

Apparently people are sent home all the time. It's almost random.

[She's just too cute, he wants to hug and kiss, and do some very bad things to her in his bedroom, getting shot just might be wroth it.]

[Video] kha;fhsf /loves on!

[ ...What? She blinked then a small blush crossed her cheeks, she never really thought of that. ]

I- ah... Maybe? [ That maybe was mostly due to confusion though. ]

Then I can wait?

[ Bad dog! ]

[Video] I love finding people who geek out about the same things I geek out about

[Kou can't help but laugh. Too damn cute.]

As long as you don't mind waiting you should be fine.


[Video] Yesh! Same! Heee. I'll tackle you in a sec. /coughs

[ Rather embarrassing, that for sure, but she tried to shrug this odd.... as best as she could. ]

Hm, I'm used to waiting.

[ It's something she has grown used to, after all these years.

... /p-pats ]

[Video] Do I only get a sec?

[Girls are so cute when they're embarrassed... Kou is hopeless.]

Pretty girls shouldn't have to get used to unpleasant things.

[Video] Yes. Only a sec....

[ She shook her head, looking away for a momment. ]

It's alright! I don't need to wait for anyone now.

Heh, well if you ever need anything just call me with your watch. I never turn down helping a pretty lady~

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