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IV: [Video]
[Pissed] No f***ing way!
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed flickers on to show the wrathful face of Switzerland. This isn't his usual level of anger either, but a black rage with enough venom to paralyze on sight. The expression he's wearing is even more rare than his smile.]


You have made a horrible mistake by bringing my sister into this. Before I was just ticked off to be being screwed with, but now I'm seriously pissed. Watch your backs, because I'm coming for you.

[The screen goes black, the final image of the sun glinting off Vash's rifle.]

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Vash-san? What - ?

What's going on?

[The image returns, Vash's expression restrained for the sake of the girl on the other end. His voice is tight and strained; as he speaks his eyes flash with anger, though it is obviously not directed at her.]

Chise... Ah, please pardon my language. In the heat of things I tend to... forget myself.

Our captors have seen fit to bring my little sister here, which has... upset me.

[An understatement to say the least, but he's trying to calm himself down. Seeing a friendly face is helping a little; there are others here like his beloved sister who are surviving... and he has to remember that she isn't as delicate as she looks.]

A-ah! Is she OK? Do you, um - do you need help looking for her?

[ she sounds just as nervous, but it's the uneasiness; the stagnancy of these past few days, despite being a new arrival, runs deep. she needs a distraction, something to detract her thoughts from shuji hokkaido, japan, and... shuji. ]

[Sensing the disturbance in her voice, Vash automatically finds himself seeking to comfort her.]

She's fine, according to her own account, and thankfully I was able to find her without mishap... But I appreciate the offer very much.

...How about you, Chise? Are things okay on your end?


[ she hums, but nevertheless takes her time to answer. ]

Everything's alright. Really.

[It's not hard to see that she's not telling the whole truth, but Switzerland knows better than to push it.]

If you say so. But if you ever need anything, like someone to talk to... just know I'm here, okay?

[It sounds a little odd to say that after his recent outburst, but Vash really is a good listener, as well as a sympathetic one to those who he has some liking for.]


You don't have to do this! I'm glad I'm here with you.

...I'm glad to have you near me again, Lili, but at the same time I can't help but be angry that you've gotten pulled into this. It's dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt.

[Smoker approves.]

You tell them.

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