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(no subject)
Ruby City has moved to Dreamwidth! If you are interested in checking us out there, please do so!

[Video 01, Action 02] Somewhere Out There, Someone Knows
(Default) I am James T. Kirk
[Kirk works hard into the night despite his promise to Bones to sleep, and soon, he thinks he understands. He believes the video is locked to only those who are alien to the town, those like himself, Bones, Flynn, and the others he's met in such a short time. He's never one to take anything lying down, including his own capture and more importantly, the capture of any of his crew. Three of them he's met already, and the others suggested more.]

[Kirk's face shows up in the video, calm and serious, the face of a Captain. His tone matches.]

This is Captain James T. Kirk. I've heard that many of you have either met our captors, tried to get over, through, or below the wall, tried the catacombs, or any other of other attempts to be free of this place. If you've tried, I want to meet with you and find out what you know. I want to get us out of here, all of us.

Meet me at The Coffee shop, and we can talk. I'll be there all day today, and tomorrow if it takes that long. Don't give up hope.

[The video ends, and Kirk lets out a quite sigh. All he can hope is he's doing the right thing, and that he isn't going to just makes things a whole lot worse for them all.]

(ooc: As far as the change over to DW is going on - I will continue this thread on LJ even with the change over. Whatever event happens come DW change over day, this happened before it and we'll take it from there. :3)

♫Opus No. 5 - Video
[There is the stage, clean and well lit. The piano has been moved to the center, and the entire area is warmly lit as if prepared for a performance. The renovations to the theatre appear to be moving along quite well; it hardly looks abandoned any more, though not quite finished. Austria is seated in a chair, however, not at a bench, and appears to be holding a cup of coffee in one hand. He takes an elegant sip and nods his head]

Hello, Ruby City. I would like to make you all aware that the renovations to the theatre will soon be coming to a close; all that is left is purely ornamentation, which will certainly help with the acoustics in this place. As many of you may not know, I have taken to living in the theatre space, and as such, have purchased locks in order to keep my home secure. Please do not try to force your way into the theatre; I promise you that you will not be pleased to see me. [There is a note of irritation here, and a subtle threat.]

Aside from that, I am also pleased to say that I am willing to offer music lessons to those interested in learning. I have been trying to find any number of musical instruments in this place, in hopes of perhaps putting together an orchestra one day. A friend of mine is also interested in perhaps staging an Italian opera, for those vocalists who are captive here. I am well versed in all musical instruments, so if you are interested in any manner of musical instruction, please let me know, and we can try to find an instrument of your choosing.

I also plan to begin holding weekly piano recitals for the network, for the enjoyment of those here in the city. If you have any composers that you wish to hear, please send me a message. I am familiar with any piece you may mention.

[Hogwarts] Shouting
[Screaming. Just screaming.]

[Lovino Vargas] 11th Bottle of Wine [Video]
Sarcasm, You annoy me, Go away
Teddesco... Hey, Tedde! I got you some beer, damnit, do you want it or not? [He holds up a bottle of generic German beer and waves it in maybe a slightly teasing manner. Because he has this disgusting stuff and poor Tedde doesn't.] Hurry up and respond, ya jerk!

Scott Pilgrim Forgot to Remember to Forget [Video]
Sad Looking Down in Thought
-In Another Classic Moment of "Scott Doesn't Realize His Video Feed is On-

[The past few weeks had seemed like little more than a blur. There were portions of his time that he could recall upon, and others which simply didn't exist. Patches of black now stood in place of things he couldn't remember, as if slinking away like a thief in the night.

The snow had been falling lightly outside the balcony of the apartment he shared with Morrigan. Unsure if she would be home any time soon, and whether or not he would remember the next few hours, Scott had grabbed himself a pen and paper to write a note. He sat in the cold, looking out over the lonely looking city, and contemplated just what he should write down. He wasn't eloquent, regardless if in his time he had written songs before, or so he thought of himself. He wanted to write some thing meaningful, some thing that could get the feelings out the door to thrive and dance in the light. He was coming up short, not having the exact amount of change to pay the bill of poetry.

Tapping the pen on the notepad, Scott let out a long and mournful sigh. Slamming the notepad down with a thud, Scott stood and pounded his fist down on the balcony railing.]

Scott tries to say "Goodbye"Collapse )

[5th Video of Awesome]
[Look who's in an awesome mood today, even more cheerful than usually if that's even possible.]

I accept presents, checks, just anything that's awesome. I let beer and maple syrup count as presents too.

[Prussia is just one cheerful birthday boy.]

Oh, Maple! [Video/Open to Action]
[Canada gets off the train and frowns down at the pocketwatch. He picks up Kumajiro, who is trotting at his ankles, not wanting him to get lost in this strange place.]

I don't know what's going on, Kumari, but I really don't think I like it. This place is completely deserted...

[The bear looks up at him.]


I'm Canada! Your owner!

[Canada sighs, not really expecting anything else, and starts walking, looking around at the seemingly deserted town with more than a little trepidation. He doesn't notice that the communicator is on and filming, though Kumajiro, nosing at it, does see that something is turned on.]

Hello? Hello?!

[He tries to raise his voice to a yell, but the most he gets is what most people consider a normal speaking volume. But that's better than nothing.]

Hello? Is anyone here? If this is some prank someone's pulling on me I'll... Well, I'm not sure what I'll do yet, but I'll think of something!

[He keeps walking, head drooping as he gets no reply. He drops his voice to a mumble, which means inaudible to anyone else but him and his bear.]

Not that I'd be able to intimidate anyone anyway... But it's worth trying, right, Kumaricho?



1st Flower~ [Video/ Open to Action]
I'll do anything
[Rapunzel gathers up her hair and takes a couple steps forward, eyes scanning across the train station. She's barefooted, pretty cold right now and there's a flicker of fear there. But she's trying to remain calm... Oh, she'd love to have her frying pan right now! Boy would she love her frying pan.]

W-where am I? What was that thing??

[This doesn't look anything like the woods around her tower, or Corona. And there are funny looking candles everywhere, burning too brightly.]


[And her voice echos. That's kind of creepy. She swallows hard and looks around, foot kicking the watch as it skitters. She actually yelps when she hears it clack against the wall, her feet too cold already to have really felt it.]


[Oh no! Eugene had been hurt! Mother-- No, Gothel had stabbed him! What was she going to do?? Tripping over her hair, she runs to the edge of the station and yells after the train for it to come back. Rapunzel even stands there for a few minutes after the train vanishes from sight before rubbing at her eyes. How was she supposed to save Flynn now? What if Gothel finished killing him because Rapunzel had disappeared?!]


I'm just so happy!
[Have a chipper Francis Bonnefoy smiling at the watch's video feed.]

Bonjour, my lovelies~ Eet has occurred to me zat my gorgeous face hasn't been on ze network een quite some time, so here eet eez for your viewing pleasure~

Now, zat matter aside, zere are some people I'd like to have a chat wis. Feliciano, my cute baby brozzer - I'd like to see you as soon as possible! England, if you are still here, I'd like to talk about ze tea shop.

Also if you are a nation - say so! I'd like to hear from you once een a while. Eet's been so odd not having meetings and getting yelled at by Germany, haha~!

As for anyone who for some reason or anozzer hasn't heard of me - I can understand you newcomers, but some of you have been here a while - I am Big Brozzer France, and eet would be nice to meet you, I am sure~

Zat's all for now. Au revoir~

[He winks, blows a kiss, and is off.]

02 [Action + Video]
[Well hey look a new face is up and about. Up indeed, on a roof. The roof of Theta's shop if one were to take a guess, since that was where he last was seen. Lucky for him and anyone who had been concerned about their upholstery getting a new shade of yellow blood, he is bandaged and it is clean. Now this feathery ass is just lounging on top of his perch. What is he doing you might ask? Scrolling, scrolling through the his communicator and messing with it's functions. Satisfied with his self given lesson he flips the communicator to video.]

Guess I'm a real bird now, up here, found my own perch to make home. Seems like the best place to get to see this new prison. John said it was a city, but until I know more knowledge it only seems like a cage....  I need to cut the crap with these bird puns. Just not my thing. 

So prove me wrong prison. Is this place a city or not? Come on I know you pink fleshed and ever fraudulent citizens can come clean. Some of you got to be interested in the fact I'm a legless, feathery, bastard, who is creamsicle orange. While we are the topic of people residing here. John informed me of some of us? Team Sburb he called it. Raise of hands here.

Shit. I'm talking to much. Bye. 

[And he shuts of the feed.]

Twelfth - Action/Voice
010« ∞, gray foxes and gray wolves
I'm out- [ She muttered staring down at the communicator with a surprisingly blank expression, squinting a bit. ] ...Back here. [ With a cough she clutched at her chest after wiping away some of the tears (and blood) that made their way down her cheeks, and on the other hand the communicator fell onto the ground. After a moment of complete stillness, which could only be caused by her leaning back against one of the trees in the forest she shut her eyes tightly, which was a loud thud followed, presumably her body falling to the floor.

The forest wasn't the best place to be in, but she made it far enough from the catacombs to let her body finally give in. Who ever might come across this will find a compete unconscious Lili on the ground, bleeding in several places while some of the wounds managed to close up, although could easily rip open again with the slightest of movements.

With a gun held very tightly in her hand and what appears to be a torn up ribbon tying the gun to her hand in a very tight knot, which was quite apparently not able to move quite right on it's own.

For someone who just came out of the catacombs, she had a rather calm expression other then a few cringes every now and then. She trusted the people enough here to know someone would come to get her. ]

Entry #3
[Flynn appears to be walking along the streets of the city, bundled up in his coat and looking around. Every item that he owns is on his possession, from his sword and whetstone to his satchel of pilfered first aid items that he kept stocked]

Doc, I just wanna say thanks in advance for giving me a place to stay while I got my bearings around here. It means a lot to me, but if you need any help or anything, just give me a yell. It's not like I'm going anywhere. But uh, don't get mad when you open your supply cabinet. You never know when a guy in my profession might not be able to make it to the doctor.

[He laughs a bit, but it's quiet. He's passing by the train station again at this point, and though he chances a glance in, he doesn't completely stop]

So, does anyone out there know of a good place to find a roof to put over my head. I'm used to pretty rustic conditions, so as long as it's warm and I'm not going to have monsters crawling in after me, I'm not too picky. [Oh, he remembered his trip into the forest with Sora and Riku well; he likely had a few scars after that tangle]

Small door//If I could shrink

[At the cathedral is a small figure, wearing a winter coat as she explores around. She hasn't gone inside yet, but keeps pacing, her breath coming out in puffs of small clouds as she speaks aloud to herself (and whoever might be in the area, or listening).]  It does seem slightly odd.. [More footsteps. Alice approaches the door and looks up at the building, blinking a few times.] But only slightly, if I consider it as such. To be sure, this looks like a church, but..

But it's quite.. Well, quite.. Quite not well kept, honestly. Was it always like this, I wonder? The chruch at home wasn't so new, but it was very grand and nice looking! [A beat and then,] Perhaps it was simply forgotten? [Pulling her coat a little tighter, Alice turns and begins to walk away from the cathedral.]

Is there anyone who needs an artist's set? I've got one around, but I don't think I need it.

[He sighs, looking at the materials that had been scattered around the floor and a few white sheets of paper on which one could see a few fine lines if they looked more closely.]

Ah yes, I used it a bit, though. I hope that's okay.