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vulcancommander wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed clicks on, showing Spock sitting in his room in the library. In the somewhat lit room, there's a coil of light smoke next to him from some incense he managed to find, but that's not what's out of place. The Vulcan has a blanket wrapped around him, up to his chin and he looks almost miserable.]

Is...there any shop within the city that supplies warmer clothing? My uniform, which I have managed to keep intact for the most part and clean since my arrival, is not made of material that is designed to keep in warmth.

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Oh, dear... Hmm, I'm sure there are some places. Although I would rather give you one of my own jackets then going back out there. [ Have a slight laugh. ]

Although would you prefer if I were to make something for you?

[ You know she would stay up all night. ]

[It almost looks like he huddles a little more into his blanket.] I would not want to trouble you in making articles of clothing for me.

[He totally would wear it though.]

Hmhm, it would my pleasure!

You are certain I would not be bothering or causing a hindrance on any other work you could or should be doing?

Of course! I'm planning on making things for all of my friends!

I am not even acquainted with you, yet you will make me something?

...that does not sound logical.

... Why do I need to know someone to help them? That's my logic!

[ If she can be of use somehow she'll take it up. ]

That is very generous of you, which in this situation trumps my logic.

A-aha! Well, although I would need some sizes unless you want it to be extremely... everything!

[Extremely everything? How was that even possible...] Would it be more convenient for me to come to where you make your articles of clothing? That way you may get accurate measurements.

Ah, I wouldn't want you going out in this cold! Just tell me where you are?

I currently reside in the library, on the third level where I have fashioned one of the older study rooms into quarters for myself. My door is open, you are welcome to come inside.

Ah! What a nice place to be in! [ She gave him a nod, with a small smile. ] Close the door, you'll get cold! I'll find it I'm sure!

The library at this point is sufficiently warm for Humans, but as I am not a Human, [fully physically anyways], it is not warm enough for me. I will keep my door open as a gesture of hospitality and I will close it after you leave. Will this be sufficient?

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Ah, you're not human? [ A country? A mythical creature? ]

If you insist, mister...?

Spock. I am an alien that will not have contact with Humans until April 5, 2063. The Vulcan that will have made first contact with Humans is said to be of relation to me, but my father and I have yet to find proof of such a thing.

I... see. [ Almost sounds like some of Americas shows or something, ] well, nice to meet you, Spock!

I'll be there in a bit, hm?

I will be waiting, please do not be in a terrible rush to get here. [After all, he wasn't going to leave the slight warmth of his library apartment anytime soon without proper clothing.]

Hm! I'll try not to.

[ Action or...? ]

[Spock sits in his room then, keeping the feed on in case anyone else should like to give input, but he moves from sitting on his bed over to sitting on the chair at the window to keep an eye out for the woman whom he had just been talking to.]

[ooc: btw, did she tell him her name? XD]

[ She soon walks into the library, shutting the door quickly behind her. Shivering slightly, before taking a deep breath while walking up to where he was, a bag in hand. ]


[ ooc: Actually no! xD ]

[He's sitting quietly with his book, having decided to read it instead of watching for her. His incense has gone out, but the earthy scent lingers there in the room and somewhat in the hall. Spock looks up when she speaks, and then stands, keeping the blanket around his body after setting the book aside.]

Yes, you are the one I spoke to over the communication device?

[ She stopped walking, to sniff slightly at her surroundings. Smells good! Although it might help with where she was going, following that faint smell. ]

Hm, that I am!

I have yet to learn of your name. I inquire for it, especially since you insist on making me articles of clothing. [He goes over to the door, peering out into the hallway in her general direction.]

[ At that she runs over, giving him a curtsy before smiling. ]

Liech- Lili, you can call me Lili.

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