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29th Rainfall - [Video]
asapphireheart wrote in rubycity_rp
Armor on, everyone, if you have it. I don't want to take any chances. Zombies are a big enough problem, we don't want anyone from our order becoming one of them. I'd also like to ask that we start a routine patrol while those things are out and about. Help anyone that needs it, escort people to safety or the clinic. And try to stay airborne. If you can't form a Glider, then I can teach you.

Terra, Ven, you guys know how to form Gliders. If anyone comes asking, would you give them a hand?
[To everyone else in the city]

Welcome to everyone that's just arrived. I am Master Aqua. I'm going to recommend that you stay indoors unless you are combat capable! If you can't get somewhere safe or are too scared, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Somebody will come to help you!

The rest of the city residents, please contact me so we can set up patrol routes. Nobody should be alone at any time unless you're in a secure location.

[What else? What is she forgetting? Because there's always something forgotten.]

Riku, I'm sorry we haven't done much training. We're going to as soon as these zombies are taken care of though. I had been hoping we'd have a semi-peaceful winter. I'm not going to make that mistake again.

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Z-Zombies. T-they really are zombies?

[Oh sweet Light, she hadn't meant to scare anybody.]

I think so. That's what I'd call them, anyway. Don't worry though, I'm going to make sure that nobody gets hurt.

That's very nice of you... Uhm, how are you going to do that? If I can help, maybe?

Anybody that gets stuck, I can get to them quicker than most people in the city thanks to my Glider.

You can help if you want, as long as you won't get hurt yourself.

... Glider? W-well, that sounds good. Can you protect yourself with that Glider?

Well, I'm kind of already hurt but I can still help!

I have several attacks I can use with my Glider but it's mostly used for traveling through the air.

You are?? Do you want me to take you to the clinic?

That sounds good, at least!

[ She smiled, a bit touched. ]

Hmhm, I went there don't worry!

It definitely comes in handy.

[Aqua relaxes, just a little.]

You went already? Good, as long as you went and you're okay.

Although did you make sure you could use it here?

[ She nodded, taken aback just slightly at her concern. She barely knew her! ]

I can use it. I just can't open the path to the Lanes Between.

[Aqua get's concerned about everyone!]

[ She was still amazed, and just a bit touched. ]


[Good :3]

They're the paths between the worlds.

D-does that mean you can go back home?

Unfortunately, no. Whenever I open the pathway, it either throws me out right where I went in or in some random point in the city.

[ Siiiiigh. ]

I thought it would be like that.

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