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brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ Once the feed is clear, after the shaking died down the camera was focused on a cringed Liechtenstein, who was currently grabbing her leg with both hands. Amazingly enough, the communicator fell on it's side, and close enough for her voice to be heard. Everything else was mostly out of range, although some lines in very bright colors were drawn around her. Maybe she was playing something? ]

A-anyone here that knows how to fix... uhm, I think it's broken? Or it might be sprained, but I can't tell... but it hurts.

[ Her voice shaked, but it stayed calm, mostly then she reached out with one hand to lightly tap the communicator. That should do it, someone had to know how to help with this? She never really had to deal with earthquakes, living in the mountains and all. ]

A-anyone else felt that?

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Where are you? You can't walk, can you?

[ She smiled at seeing the familiar face, but her expression went back to pain due to moving incorrectly. ]

Uhm, I'm in the park.

I'll go there, then! I am not a doctor, but there is a place for that here, right?

[and so he rushes over and after a bit searching he spots her and approaches her.]


[ She silently sat, trying to distract herself with the views of the place around her. ]

A-ah, Kanestugu?

[He goes to kneel down next to her.]

Should I try to carry you?

Ah, you don't need to! But a hand would be nice.

[ She reached out, with an apologetic smile. ]

[He gives her his hand.]

Are you sure it's going to be okay like that? Carrying you wouldn't be a problem at all.

I think I wil- [ She bit her lip, well, pushing herself up with only one leg didn't work out well. ]

Are you sure?

Of course.

[He gives her a small smile, putting a hand around her shoulders and one arm below her knees, lifting her up just a bit to see her reaction.]

If it hurts that way you have to tell me.

[ She was rather flustered by this, but it almost made her feel like a princess so in a way she enjoyed it. She shook her head, with a little smile. ]

Not at all! I'm fine with this.

That is good. Make sure to hold onto me.

[Now he lifted her up all the way, slowly walking to make sure she wouldn't get hurt any more.]

The clinic can help you, right?

Alright... Hmhm, this reminds me my brother.

[ She nuzzled into him, rather unexpected but she was grateful. ]

I'm sure it can, if they helped him. Hmhm.

They helped your brother? That's good, then they will have capable hands there.

[He gave her a small smile.]

Hm! Although he still isn't in a perfect shape... but he's much better and that's what matters.

[ Might be her rather dazed state but- ]

You have a nice smile, hm!

Yes, as long as he is getting better it will be okay.

[Kanetsugu looked very surprised at her statement, a bright blush crossing his face and he hid his eyes a bit behind his bangs.]

Th-thank you.

Hm! Always.

[ She giggled at that, kicking her uninjured leg a bit. Not enough to bother him, but just enough to go with her mood. ]

[When he thought his cheeks were turning back to normal, he looked at her again.]

It's good that your other leg is just fine, though.

[ A blink, then she nodded, giggling. ]

Hm! I'm lucky!

Somewhat, yes. Are you expecting someone else to help you with this, though? It would be weird if they come to rush to your help and you'll be gone already.

[It's just a sudden thought that dawned to him and it might him feel a bit like a kidnapper as well.]

[action] kjhfsd I'm dealing with this like every thread is new, okok

Hmhm, not really. Although I'm sure if my brother knew he would jump.

I believe so. I still haven't met him yet, unfortunately.

You should! You have to!

Yes, really.

Hm! I hope you do sometime, and I hope that he likes you, too.

It would be certainly nice if we get along with each other. He sounds like such a great man as well.

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