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Crying is for...when smiles don't work
fleurdeamour wrote in rubycity_rp
H-has anyone seen Jeanne?

[He was getting worried the first little while. He'd though...well...maybe the catacombs, but then her stuff was gone, no no no no....

He searches about her room again, through the drawers, under the bed...and finds a note. Reads it... and reads it over, feeling like a rock is sinking into the pit of his stomach. He clutches it to his heart. He shuts the watch, but accidentally presses the audio button.

Oh Jeanne...

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Y-you lost someone, France?


[APPARENTLY he's mucking up ALL OVER THE PLACE tonight.]

[ Must cheer him up! Sew something? Bake something... both? ]

I'm sorry?

's alright...

[He's slurring a bit, and sounds tired.]

Just...I'll get ov'r eet....

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