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003 [Video]
Making plans
4daladies wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed clicks on and there's Ferb. He offers a little wave before holding up a blue handled screw driver. It's the only tool he has on his person sadly and that is where you come in fair city.

Are there any tools available? Simple things really like a drill or a hack saw. A blow torch would be absolutely amazing.

Any help would be wonderful.]

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Are you making something there?

[ She gives the young boy a little smile, although she tried not to get any ideas since the last "kid" she saw turned out to be a fully grown... man? ]

[nope, he really is a child! So no worries on that!

Ferb nods before glancing at the screwdriver. He needs a few more things though...]

[ She tilted her head, watching him carefully. ]

Need any help? I'm sure I know somethings about such things.

[Phineas and Ferb never turn down help so have a nod.]

Well, I wouldn't mind to come over and help.

(Is action okay with you~? <3)

(totally! I don't know exactly what building Phineas and Ferb live at but it's a house and it's big for two little ten year old boys XD))

[[ Well, take this as an "Lili will now mother you both" warning. xD ]]

[ It didn't take her long to find the house, and when she did, she gave herself a mental pat on the shoulder. While on the other hand, she couldn't shake the feeling they were alone in that house, so she brought somethings with her. Some that they would find appealing and some other things they might not like. ]


[That will be rather different!

Ferb heard the voice and slid down a pipe he'd installed to help repair the walls. He maybe one of the tallest in his class...but he is still rather short compared to an adult.

He swung upside down from a door jam and waved the the girl. Hello.]

[ She blinked at this, but waved at him in return. ]

Hello there.

[Give him a moment to come down completely before he just gives her a look that says to come right in.]

[ She blinks, then comes closer just to give him a pat on the head. ]

You can't talk, can you?

No, I can.

[With an accent like the one England has! He just doesn't really like talking. Words are so overrated.]

... You sound like England! Aha.

[ She'll giggle at that, patting his head again. ]

[...Don't you mean he sounds 'English'?

Little duck at the head pat.]

[ With her? She actually means England. ]

Well, show me there?

[A blink before he turns and starts towards the first room of the house he'd been working on. The kitchen.

There is now a nice table and chairs and he's been up in the cabinets because some of the doors are on the floor.

Any suggestions?]

Hmhm, but would you mind explaining what you're up to?

[Just making the house livable.

And by extension making tools to make the house livable.]

[ Well, she watched him for a few moments before picking up a screwdriver and poking at somethings herself. She was good with stuff, if you would believe. ]

[He usual construction team are all little girls as well. He isn't too surprised.

One even has a bow.]

[ She certainly didn't have hers right now, her precious blue ribbon. ]

... You shouldn't stay by yourself, not in a place like this.

[He isn't by himself quite yet. His brother is still around here some where.]

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