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003 -- [Voice]
breaking_candy wrote in rubycity_rp
[Footsteps. Just footsteps.

In a few moments, there's the rolling of pebbles, and then silence. A small whisper can be heard over the device. Light. Airy. The words are barely audible over the speaker. Then there's footsteps again, but they're slower now.

Silence again.

Then there's a whisper. Delicate. Only uttering one word.]


[The footsteps start again at a much faster rate. Soon, those steps are overpowered by a rush of whispers. Voices. All different. Soon, those whispers become a wave, only saying the same thing over and over. It's not in unison. Still, it's clear what they're saying as the voices get louder and louder.]

Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. Kevin.

[Then there's a sole voice again.]

It's your fault.

[Silence. It lasts for what seems like forever before there's finally a voice. Break's voice. Though it's more like a broken whisper than that cheerful banter.]

I'm sorry.

[ ooc: He's in the haunted house if anyone's already there investigating. Otherwise, his device is on. ]

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... Kevin?

[ A long pause. ]

Break! Is that you?

[Break hesitates for a moment.]

... Lili?


[ A pause. ]

... What happened?

... I'm sorry.

[ She doesn't know what to say, but this isn't... good. ]

There's no reason to apologize, Lili. You did nothing wrong.

[There's no chime to his voice. No joy.]

... You're in the mansion, aren't you?

[ She can't tell what was going on, and that might scare her even more. ]

Ah, yes. I was curious.

[What is that term, "Curiosity killed the cat?" Yes, that's it.]

[ She sighed, looking rather uncharacteristic. ]

You're not hurt, are you?

No, I'm quite alright.

[For now.]

Are you sure? You look... not right.


[He's not sure how to answer that. And those whispers are coming back now, reciting that name over and over again like some sort of spooky chant. So many voices.]

... Kevin?

[ She couldn't stand just watching, and she might regret this later on but it might get her mind off of somethings, right? ]

Wait for a bit... Please, stay safe.

Wha- wait!

[Why yes, that is panic in his voice. He's looks quite alarmed by this.]

Don't come for me! Just... just stay where you are. I'll find my way out.

[ She left the communicator on, but ignored what he said there. He wasn't good, and she knew she would end up blaming herself if he gets hurt like her brother. After a long breath, she pushed her hair away from her face and headed towards the outside of the hospital. She seemed pretty intent on leaving. ]



[Protesting! Damn it, why must you be so stubborn? Now you definitely remind him of Sharon. Fine. He'll just have to find his way out before you get there. Because a blind man can totally do that... yeah.]

[ She'll rush over there, but it did take her a bit longer then she hoped to find the place. Once she does enter though, she'll give the communicator a few taps. ]

Where are you?

[Here, ask that to the save of unfamiliar voices coming through the device.]

Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. You did this. It's your fault. We died because of you. Kevin.

... Died?

[ This isn't right... and there is something about this place that made her stomach turn, but she couldn't leave, for several reasons. ]

Breaaaaaaaaak! Where are you?

[ She hoped, wished she would get a reponce. ]

[It takes a moment before there's a loud shattering noise from upstairs. The whispers stop, but only for a second. When they start again, they're tiny compared to that wailing only moments before.]

[ Shattering? She jumped, gasping sharply. That's it, he must be up there. Lili ran up the stairs, hoping that she won't trip on her dress. ]


[There's a mirror broken. Shattered on the ground. Break is standing there, sword in hand, unsheathed. And there's a rather frightening look on his face, but it only lasts for a second. Once he hears Lili's voice, he snaps out of it and jerks his head towards her.]


[ She saw that expression, and froze up with fear for just a momment. She almost moment to touch the sword, but of course thought against that. She looked down at the glass, and her expression grew even more worried.]


... when did you get here?

[That's more of a 'what did you see' question, but he won't ask directly.]

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