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Fifth -Video/Action- Backdated to when Vash just got into the hospital!
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
(OOC: Quick rundown in case you were wondering! Vash went missing (Y'know, angry Swiss dude) 202 and Germany went to look for him in the catacombs! She was awesome and stalked them -and lied to them...- until she ended up in it to, but it was mostly mentally traumatic then her getting physically harmed. So, I'm a good sweet mun. Oh, and her ribbon is gone, feel free notice that and get her even more depressed/happy or... something. )

I'm sorry... [ Her voice was shaking, most of her face hidden by her hair, ribbon missing and a very faint sound of her uneasy breathing was what she could hear. Her head was resting on the wall, bitting her lip. Vash was finally asleep, and there but she didn't want to disturb both him and 202, as much as she couldn't believe she was doing this. She wanted to stay, but it didn't seem right. ]

I... have to stay strong for him! [ She nodded, forcing on a smile before it fell after a moment.. ]

Hm... Ah!

[ Why does it always work at times like this? ] I... uh.

[ Lili stared down at the communicator, with yet another forced smile, which was oddly rather bitter. With a small click, she stopped the feed. ]

... I hope no one saw me like that.

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[video] Ffff, I can remember to add these in subject tag, ok?

[Here, have Break. He's perfect at cheering people up. Not. But he'll try for you~.]

Lili~, whatever is the matter? Who are you staying strong for?

[Video] xDD That you can.

[ A little pause, then she smiled just a bit before looking away. ]

Hm... My brother isn't in a good shape.

Ah, how unfortunate. What's wrong with him?

He ended up in the catacombs and I couldn't find him.


Oh dear. Do you believe he's still lost there?

N-no. He's in the hospital right now.

[ She let out a little sigh. ]

Ah. At least he was found. Are his injuries bad?

[ A small nod. ]

But everyone helped... so I'm sure he'll wake up sooner or later.

Ah, that's good to hear. I'm sorry you have to go through this stress. Is there anything I can do for you? I still have to pay you back for those cupcakes, in any case.

[What? Helping for free? He totally is, but he won't tell you that, Lili.]

... Do for me? [ Oh, for the cupcakes, she was hoping that wasn't it. Why don't you tell her, whyyyy? ]

I'll be fine, Break, really.

Are you sure?

[Because he won't admit that he'll put others before himself!]


[ It was a lie, but she couldn't say the truth, it would make him worry to much. ]

[He's still worried. He can't help it.]

Perhaps I should come over anyway and give you some company~.

[ Well, staying with someone would make her feel much better, that's for sure... ]

I... Feel free.

[Video] I can spell, okay?

Where are you staying? I'll head out now.

[Break gets up from his seat, grabs his cane, and heads towards the front door of his house where he left his boots.]

[Video] I saw thaaat. xDD

[ Insert directions to the hospital here~! ]

Don't rush, though.

[Video -> Action] Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! XD

[Boots on and out the door.]

Alright. I'll be there when I can.

[It takes Break about twenty minutes, but he arrives. And, would you look at that, he didn't get lost! It's amazing what a blind man can do. Now finding Lili will be a far more difficult task.]

[Video -> Action] Ufufu!

[ She doesn't know about, well, his capabilities. But just to make sure he doesn't get lost here, she'll stay next to the entrance and humm a little tune. Hopefully he'll hear that? ]

[And that he does. It's not a familiar tune at all, but he can sort of tell it's her.]

There you are!

[ She blinked, then turned to look at him, smiling a bit. ]

You're here! [ She noticed the cane, and came close to extend a hand. She thought he couldn't walk without a cane meaning he has a problem with his legs, right? ]

Thanks for coming.

[He hears her approach, but with the little access noises coming from inside the hospital and outside on the street, he hears little else. If she's extended her hand, he doesn't notice.]

I did! I didn't have any trouble either.

Do you usually get lost?

[ She waved her hand a bit, and once she didn't get any reaction she pouted. ]

Well, I guess you don't need any help.

No~, of course not.

[Oh, crap. He missed something. But they have this nice 'trust' thing going on, and he wouldn't want Lili to think less of him, would he? Certainly not. Then again, they haven't known each other for very long. But... he can trust her. He believes that.]

Ah, sorry. If you were gesturing help, I couldn't see it.

Aha! I'm guessing you live far away from here? Sorry.

[ She blinked, then nodded a bit. She got it, but didn't say anything, just reached for his hand and held it. She wouldn't ever think less of him, it won't change anything, other then the fact that she would worry some more. There, she can help him out this way. ]

Next time I'll go to you, I didn't know.

Yes, but I've gotten use to the city. A few rounds of walking will do that.

[He's a little surprised by the hand, but it couldn't be helped. Though, in his mind, he can't stop thinking about Sharon. She did the same thing at home. But this isn't home. He's here now. He manages a smile.]

No, it's fine~. I can find my way around pretty well.

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