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[Action/accidental voice]
morethanpasta wrote in rubycity_rp
OOC: Backdated to last Saturday, as in after the end of the Harvest Festival Event

[He drags himself into their room and heaves a soft sigh of relief as he finds it empty. He couldn't bear to see anyone right now, he doesn't think he could manage and be cheerful. But to talk about what had happened... Feliciano presses his hands against his mouth, but the whimpers escape anyway. With listless, cautious movements, he undresses himself. There is no pain, nor a single bite mark on his body, but he can't help moving as if he were in pain, he keeps expecting it to hurt. He throws the watch, the damned thing, onto the nightstand. Last, he unwraps the bloody bandages around his hands. The skin doesn't bear a single mark, just like the rest of his body. As if nothing had happened, as if he'd just made it all up, but the bandages are there and so is the blood and he remembers, oh, he remembers...]

[The watch switches on the video transmission as it is thrown onto the nightstand of the Italies' room. The video is jarred as the watch slides over the surface for a moment until it comes to a halt. It lays crooked, showing most of the bed and a small section of floor, which are well illuminated in the daylight. There is already a pile of blue and black clothes on the ground, Italy's uniform. Now, bandages soaked with old, dried blood join the messy pile. Feliciano comes into view for a moment, naked, before he slips under the covers. He bears no sign of injuries. He curls up under the covers, only the top of his head peeking out.

For a moment, nothing happens, then soft sobs become audible. They grow louder and more desperate as Feliciano loses his struggle against the tears.]

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.... Italy.

[ She was already in a hard situation although she would, of course, say otherwise. Seeing Italy like this really isn't helping... ]

...What happened?

[He flashes Lili a wavering smile, trying his best to appear cheerful. She has too many worries for him to burden her with his and it's quite enough if he has nightmares, isn't it?]

Don't worry, Lili, I'm just a little bit upset. I... ve~ I burnt the pasta!

... You don't need to lie to me, I can tell.

[ She would rather everyone stop sheltering her this way if it always ends up in them getting hurt. ]

Pasta? I... I'll make some for you, Italy!

[Her kindness cheers him up somewhat for real, making the smile come easier.]

I'm very lucky to have friends like you, Lili! We will all have pasta together sometime soon, won't we?

[ A small pause, then smiles just a bit. It's been almost a week with her mostly hiding and not exactly feeling all that well, but that really did make her feel just a bit better. ]

Hm! You could rest now and maybe I can cook it?

[ A pause. ]

But you don't look well, are you alright?

[Ve? She actually wants to come and make pasta for him? Feliciano feels tears burn at his eyes again, tears of happiness that Lili cares so much. Yet... he bites down on his bottom lip. He's not sure if he trusts himself not to break down and tell her everything if he sees her in person.]

I don't think I'm hungry right now [he says softly, feeling a bit guilty.] Why don't we just talk for a while? Ve~ tell me what you have done!

[ She saw those, and ]

Are you sure? But I know you always want to eat pasta... [ Yep, something happened. ]

... I? [ Lied to two people? Failed as a sister, nation and anything ever? ]

I've been... alright.

[His face falls. Silly him. Lovino is right, he is an idiot. But then, he's not used to lying either.]

That's nice [he says instead, ignoring her question. Which is a lie as well, Lili doesn't sound as if there's anything nice about the way she's feeling. All the more reason not to tell her about the maze.] Is... is Vash alright?

[ She'll act as if she didn't notice that, but she couldn't help but feel worried. Everyone hasn't been right these days. ]

... V-Vash. Brother is... he's still asleep.

But that's good, sleeping is good. Nothing hurts when you're asleep and you can heal.

[Unless you have nightmares, but no need to point that out.]

He's going to get better. He's strong. [He nods along with his words. Yeah, trying to convince himself more than Lili here.]

Yes! It is... But he didn't get up, just... [ She tried talking to him, holding his hand, everything and he was pretty much out of it. ]

Brother is, very.

(He coos gently. He needs his sleep to recover, but I'm sure he can feel when someone he cares about is with him!

With him...?

[ She nodded, feeling a bit worse for leaving him... Well, 202 was there. ]

Ve- when I'm not feeling well, hugs and kisses or just having someone staying with me always makes me feel better. (Except when he is trying to hide how he's feeling, anyway.)

Hm... I'm sure Vash is getting a lot of that. [ She assured herself, nodding slightly. She held his hand for a long time. She did her best to stay next to him, but he needed his rest and she was sure that the way she was acting would effect him somehow. ]

I... that does sound nice, hm.

[Ve~ Lili is still not quite sounding like herself, Feli thinks. Isn't she more cheerful, usually? Or maybe she isn't? He doesn't truly know, he just assumes she is a cheerful person because he assumes that of everyone.]

Do you know what else makes me feel better when I'm not feeling well? A story! We could tell another stories, wouldn't that be nice?

... A story? It would be nice to hear one!

[ A bit of a smile showed up again. ]

[Feliciano leans back and hums a bit as he tries to think of some humurous story to tell - not just any story, but the perfect story.]

Ve~ when I was a small nation - a very small nation, not even a real nation yet - I lived in Austria's house, did you know that? I didn't like it very much. Austria was very scary and strict - he wouldn't even let me have a second helping of pasta! His house was boring, too. There was nothing to play with and he had these grim-looking portraits everywhere. So I decided to make his house pretty! [He giggles.]

I knew that, yes!

[ A long pause. ]

Y-you did it! I remember that!

[Feliciano giggled again, delighted that Lili had heard of his wonderful prettying up project.] Ve~ did he ever show you the portrait I painted a moustache on? That was fun! I liked painting already when I was small, but there was nothing to paint on in Austria's house - so I painted on his portrait!

Hmhm, I saw it! I was with him for sometime, did you know?

[ Well, these two really just managed to make each other giggle, hmm. ]

Ve~ was he strict about your meals, too? I don't think he likes pasta very much! [He looks torn between outrage and disbelief, how can anyone not like pasta?] But his cakes are the best, aren't they?

Austria was strict about everything! [ She made a little gesture with her hands. ]

Hm! And I was very grateful to him for helping me.

[Feliciano giggled and nodded. Yes, he could easily believe Austria being strict about everything.]

Ve~ I guess he could be kind, too. He tried, in his own way, when I mourned for the Holy Roman Empire.

Holy... Roman Empire.

[ She still couldn't forget about all these people, even after this long time. She nodded, and tried to give Italy a warm smile. ]

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