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[video] 'a nice knock-down argument’
tsunray wrote in rubycity_rp
[At first, everything is black. Viewers can see nothing but darkness- You can however, hear what sounds like rustling off to the right, as well as something else... moaning.

There is a lot of moaning going on. Together with some gasping and mumbled profanities. You may also detect a bit of. . . bed creaking. Suspicious. All followed by a loud THUMP!!!

. . . More groaning (and a lot more cursing) along with some jostling around before finally a lamp is turned on and the inside of someone's apartment bedroom is shown. One might happen to take notice of the ridiculous amount of clutter- but besides that, there is a hand that seems to be grasping around the communication device located on the bedside table.

Once they get a hold of the pocket watch, there is a brief moment where their hand is covering the device before it is removed and we see the body of the teenaged boy of whom that hand belongs to. Elliot Nightray, laying awkwardly on the floor, wrapped up in tangled sheets and blankets like a caterpillar in a cocoon. He looks quite flushed and his expression is nothing short of annoyed as he opens his mouth to say something--]


[Whelp. Someone's sick. What did you think was going on? B|]

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O-oh, dear...

[ Have a very worried looking Lichtenstein. ]

You need help!

. . . You again?


What I need is you not telling me what I need.

[He doesn't need any help at all okok.]

Almost sounds like you don't want me...

[ She'll pout for just a minute, before quickly shrugging that off. ]small>

... I'll make you soup!

What on earth would make you think that way?

[That entire statement was of course, dripping with sarcasm.]

Yeah, of course you-- [Blink Blink.] You'll what???

[He will never understand this ridiculously persistent obliviousness kindness of yours.]

... You didn't sound happy!

[ This is Lili. Watch as the sarcasm FLYYYIES with rainbow colors over her head. ]

Yes, I will! Can you tell me where you are?

[ <3 ]

I'm sick. What do you expect me to sound like?


There'd be no point in telling you that.

[So he wont. :|]

... Please?

[ But she looks worried. =/ ]

[Your moe face of worry has no affect on this tsunray.]

No way. Don't you have better things to do with your time?

... Right now I don't have much to do! And even if I had something, I'd too worried about you.

[ Nonsense. ]

. . . You really need to find yourself a hobby.

Besides, you don't have to worry. I'm fine-- [And cue the coughing fit. No, Elliot, you are obviously not fine!]

I do! Sometimes I go the park to water the flowers.

[ ... Right, totally fine. You can't even fool her with that.]

Just tell me, I'll make sure I won't tell anyone?

[He clears his throat, finally able to find his voice after that cough-attack.]

Ahem... Watering flowers... right.

[Brb, you're talking to a manly man who wouldn't know the first thing about watering flowers.]

Too bad you're the one I don't want finding out.

[Ouch. That was a little harsh.]

... Right?

[ Ouch, burn. She'll bit her lip, then nod. ]

I was the one trying to help.

[He sighs. How annoying this is. He can't understand why in the world this girl would even care so much- but...]

Look, if you really have nothing better to do... then I guess feel free to make some soup. For yourself, of course, and if you have any extra left over... I wouldn't have a problem taking it off your hands for you.

[aka Elliot is giving in, in his own tsundere way.]



Well then I'll make some soup! But... Where do you stay? I'll have to bring the soup over, after all. [ And take care of him, but that's her top secret plan. ]

[Tsunking: SHUTUP.]

I have my own apartment a few blocks from the library... if that's too far from where you are, then don't bother.

[ HAH. ]

T-the library? [ She won't say nothin' about her staying next to station. ]

Hm! Alright then!

[He gets the feeling you aren't anywhere close- but he'll give you directions anyway.]

Try not to get lost.

[ She nodded, although she is just a bit annoyed by that but she can tell he means well. ]

I won't. And you should rest up until I come, alright?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

[And with that he'll switch off his communicator... and hope she somehow manages to get lost. /shot]

[ Sorry, she won't get lost. But it would take her awhile to look for the place, since he didn't specify where exactly. Once she does find it though, she'll quietly tap the door. Wait, he's sick, he wouldn't hear this. With a little sigh, she walked in with a little basket dangling off of her hand. ]


ACTION SPAM 1/??? i'm so doing this--

[Well, clearly Elliot had no back up plan as to what to do if Lili actually found his apartment- he had hoped the vague instructions would have been enough to throw her off. So he wasn't expecting her- or anyone for that matter to be stopping by anytime soon.

Which totally explains why he's walking around his apartment in his underwear, right? Right.

Actually- he was feeling rather hot, thanks to his fever. So he stripped down to as little clothing as possible in an attempt to get cool. Not only that but he was restless, from having slept the past few days away.

So, really, it's not quite so unusual that when Lili walks in the door she finds him pacing. Half Naked. In a daze.]

[............Give him a minute.]

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