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13th Sacrifice [Accidental Video]
blade_of_jashin wrote in rubycity_rp
[The feed flickers to life, a dimly lit room in view. On the floor sits a familiar albino man, dark stitches stretch over his bare chest, contrasting vividly with his skin. His legs are folded; scythe lying across his thighs, back hunched as he gently tends to his weapon. Pale fingers clasp around a flat rock, guiding it over the weapon’s blade, metal ringing with each passing movement. Sweat trickles down his brow, over his cheekbones, and down his neck, causing stray hair to cling to his skin, but he pays it no mind.
Though Hidan is working, he is not silent. From the Jashinist’s lips, escapes an old hymn, spoken in a language that few others know. The song tells of the wonder in destruction; however Hidan sings it like one would a lullaby. From time to time he pauses, his tongue darting out to wet his lips, or mouth curving up into a smile.
Peaceful moments are rare, even for normal, happy people; they are far rarer for rambunctious and mentally unstable albinos. True calm usually only comes to him during prayer, and even then, it's not often. Hidan can't remember the last time he's felt so tranquil.]

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[ She looked worried for a moment, at seeing the stitches although her expression softens, with a slight curve of her lips. ]

Are you alright?

[Hidan blinks, surprised at the voice. However who he sees on the other end of the watch makes his brow furrow.]

Uh... woah, Vash, didn't know you were into crossdressin...

... I'm not my brother.

[ Although she does giggle at that, amused by his conclusion. ]

... Eh, ya mean blondy has a sister?

[Well that's weird. She looks just like him, but... well... you know, lady parts he guesses.]

That's either weird, or cool, I can't tell.

[He scratches one of the stitches in his shoulder, not paying much attention to it]

B-blondy... He has a name.

[ She shrugged this off, watching him uncomfortably. ]

[Hidan yawns at this, far too used to people not liking his nicknames. Then again, his nicknames are usually less than affectionate, so it isn't exactly surprising that people don't like them.]

Yeah, well it's his fault that I can't sleep in 02's bed no more, so I'm just gonna call him Blondy.

[Lili really doesn't know how nice Hidan is actually being, both with his naming, and the way he is talking to her. Were he in his usual mood, he'd have no problem with swearing all over the place, and giving Lili details that, chances are, she would rather not have.]

[ She tilted her head, tapping her communicator for a moment before going back to staring, obviously confused. ]

... What?

Ya mean he didn't tell his lil sister bout his girlfriend?

... I didn't know.

[ She shifted her gaze lower, her bangs covering up most of her face. ]

[Hidan's brow furrows slightly]

That's... kinda... woah, honey, I'm sure he just forgot ta tell ya, or sumthin'.

That could be it...

[ Still not looking back up though, she would rather stay that way. ]

Ah, geez, I'm sorry kid, I just thought you'd know...

[Great job Hidan, you've made a little girl sad.]

Don't be, I'm fine, really!

[ She try to force of a smile then look up, this would only fool someone born yesterday. ]

[Hidan is an idiot, but he's not that stupid.]

Hun, you're a pretty shit liar.

Uh... look... I'm sorry... didn't mean ta... make ya mad, or sumthin'...

[Sad little girls does not compute with Hidan brain!]

... Shit?

[ Sorry, Hidan, her vocabulary is restricted to very polite words. =/ ]

I'm not, so it's alright.

[Hidan: Horrible role model.]

Crap, bad, ya ain't a good liar.

Geez... I ain't keen on makin' lil girls sad... I'm sure your bro was just looking for the right moment ta give ya the news.

[ Horrible role model? Or best role model? ]

Ah, so that's what it means?

Hm, he was very busy... I'll wait.

No, you're supposed to do that to the dog Vash is dating

[He's fairly sure he's going to get a gun to the head for all this.]

Uh yeah... do you not know swears? [All kids should know swears! What kind of deprived childhood did this girl have!?]

Wait? He's your brother, you're allowed ta bother him. If he ain't gonna make time for his lil sis then what kind of brother is he?

Oi. oi. That doggy was very nice. =/ /shoots

Swears... I think I hear that word before.

[ She shook her head, very quickly. ]

But... We were both in the jungle and we couldn't talk much, then...

She is, however, having audible sex in the other room deserves a smack to the nose with a newspaper

Wow, so you've never sworn? But it's fuckin' fun! It's like, swearin' is perfect when you're really, unbelievably happy, or when you're in so much pain ya just wanna scream.

[It's clear that Hidan is pretty attached to his swearing]

So, wait, were ya two together in the jungle?

..... o//o Well, brother...

Well, if you put it that way.... [ She takes a deep breath, as if she'll let out a huge scream but instead she just breaths it out. ] Shit.

Yes, we were.

Yuuuuuuuuup. Hidan teased them endlessly on that.

[Hidan blinks a few times, before covering his mouth in an attempt to keep from laughing his ass off. That is all kinds of adorable.]

L-lil-[snort] Lil louder... next time, 'k?

[He takes a moment to compose himself.]

And ya two didn't have time ta talk?

[ She bit her lip, then nodded. She was taking this a a tab bit to serious, yep. ]

... S-Shit!

[ There! Much louder! She, of course, sees this as a success, so she follows this with a little clap for herself. ]

We were to busy running away from those... things.

Cause that's what friends do. Make fun of each other's sex lives.

[He turns the communicator away for a moment while his body convulses with silent laughter, simply because that was by far, the most adorable thing he's ever seen. He returns moments later, his face a little more composed.]

Yeah, that's pretty good, you're gettin' the hang of it.

[Getting shot for this will be so worth it.]

Eh? Ya mean the freaky dinos?

[He is proud to say that he's killed a few of them.]

[ At that she thought maybe she said it to loud? He fell down? ... Is this a good thing? ]

... Should people always fall down when I say that?

[ Ah, she gets it! It must be a secret magical word, it would be useful, yep. ]

Hm. Those...

[ She managed to shoot some, but she mostly ran. ]

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