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S E C O N D -Voice-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[ From the tone of her voice, you can tell Liechtenstein is tired. You could also hear something whimpering, it's a very small voice though. ]

U-uhm... Hello, excuse me? This worked the last time... Is anyone else stuck in [ A pause, which was followed by a cough. ] a jungle with dinosaur looking creatures?

[ She dropped the communicator, with a slight whimper. ]

They shouldn't be here.

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[Well it seems the huge dog sitting next to you is]

[ She blinked, then quickly stepped back looking rather scared. It was just a dog... but her several scratches and bruises due to falling down and a few other things made her not want to take anymore chances. ]


[Oh, no, he doesn't want to scare her, and he's not sure about how she'll react to him changing form in front of her. So instead, he lies down, head to the ground, whimpering a little]

[ At hearing that she very hesitantly stepped closer, reaching out to touch it. ]

I'm... sorry?

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[He lets her touch, tail wagging happily, anything to show that he's not a scary dog.]

[ She blinked, happily continuing to pet him. ]

Do you have a name, hmm?

[Kou tilts his head up, showing a collar he got himself, which has his name clearly printed on the tag.

As for the petting, he would like to pretend like he doesn't enjoy it, but his tail is a little more truthful.]

[Call it what you want, but Vash counts his blessings and dubs it a miracle when he stumbles upon his sister. What else could it be in this vast jungle? Heavy boots crunching over the underbrush he makes his way towards her, calling out as he goes.]

Lili! Lili, are you alright?

-Action-... Not late, what do you mean?

Ah, brother! I'm alright.

[ Lili wasen't the one to cry at much of anything, haveing done through depression and the 30 year war this was pretty simple, although it still hurt but she didn't want to bother him with a few scratches. She would rather make sure he was fine. After a short pause -as if she was trying to plot something- she took a few steps close, wincing slightly. She hoped he didn't see that, though.

She wanted to distract him from that so she brought her hand up to lightly hold his own hand, she wasen't scared, really. ]

You aren't hurt, right?

[Of course he caught that wince. He moves his free hand to caress her cheek as he quickly takes stock of all her minor injuries.]

...I'm fine, silly. It's you I'm worried about... but it looks like I've been worrying for nothing, as usual.

[His Lili is tough, he knows that, but he can't help being an overprotective big brother.]

[ She blinked, then smiled brightly. Wounds didn't matter much to her right now, though. ]

You don't need to worry, you taught me yourself.

[ But once she spots that scratch on his head, she looked worried again knowing that he won't say if he's injured so she didn't bother asking him. Instead she took his other hand and inspected it, while wondering if she had any bandages left. ]

You're a good student, Lili, that's the only reason you've learned so well from as bad a teacher as me.

[He watches her with an eyebrow raised.]

...What's wrong?

But you're a great teacher! You illustrate!

[ She shouldn't have sounded so excited, but she still continued to stare at his hand. ]

You're hurt.

[Oh. Right. Those drawings. Vash smiles a little sheepishly... then glances down to follow her gaze.]

Not badly, Lili. I'm fine. I've had worse.

[He glances around as the bird song around them suddenly falls silent.]

...He--[Whoops. Right. Not cursing around his sister.] --Let's get moving.

[ She was wondering if she had any bandages left, sighing she reached into her small pocket. They were small, but she placed a few on the wounds, keeping a bit of pressure on it. ]

That's not a reason for you to get carried away... [ She blinked at that, still holding onto his hand. ]

Is there something... there?

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