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[Elliot is not pleased. Not pleased one bit. What else is new? He just ventured out half asleep this morning for some milk from the store and somehow he's ended up in a random jungle? Clearly leaving his apartment was never a good idea, because bad things always managed to happen whenever he did. He should just become a hermit and make it official--

No matter how far he traveled he couldn't seem to find an exit, which only proved to anger the tsun more. He was hungry and hadn't had any breakfast, okay? Not to mention there are all these annoying birds chirping and--asdfghjk TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN A GOOD DAY TO STAY IN BED.

Alas, Elliot is instead outside. In a jungle. Slashing his sword in a blind rage at the lush greenery that surrounds him. Oh, and you can probably hear his obnoxious yelling and cursing a mile away. ]

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[ Whoa dude, calm down. Lili had to jump back to get away from that one slash, although it did managed to scratch her cheek. ]


[..... Oshit. He cut a girl. FUUUUUU]

Wh-What the-!? Are you stupid?? What kind of an idiot gets that close to a sword while it's being swung!?


I'm sorry! I didn't see you....

[ She slowly reached to wipe at the blood on her cheek. ]

[Damn... stupid girl stupidly getting cut. ;;]


[... Ahhhhh but he really does feel bad for cutting her!]

How badly did I get you...?

It's alright, I have some bandages with me.

[ She borrowed some from her brother, but it came in handy so she was very much grateful. ]

O-Oh... that's good then.

[Awkward shuffle...]

Maybe you should let me have a look at it...?

[ She didn't mind it, but it would still be rather... awkward. ]

I don't think you need to, but... If you think so?

J-Just let me see already!


[ She nodded, then pushed away some of the hair that was covering the rather deep wound. ]


[ . . . /STARING.]

[Shit. Elliot. Look what you did.]

Uh... it doesn't look too bad..

... See? I said you don't need to worry...

[ She gives him a another smile. ]

[No. Don't smile at him. He's freaking out inside, okay? Because what the hell. How could he be so careless?]

I-I'm not worried! You're the one who should worry, it's your face!

[Oh... that didn't come out too well.]

All wounds heal eventually.

[ ~Oblivious~! ]

[...Oblivious people. Oh how Elliot can not stand them.]

... Who says shit like that after getting cut by a sword? Are you mentally stable??


[ She gives a small, pained smile. She has been through much worse, so it was alright. ]

... But the worst that could happen is that it would scar?


[Insert look of disbelief here.]

Aren't you worried about that at all?


[ She'll nod then quickly turn around to then take a few steps forward. ]

It will be alright!

. . . . . .

[Um. Yeah. He's going to stop you by quickly grabbing hold of your arm.]

There's no way I'm letting you wander around here like that.

Clearly you're not in your right mind.


[ She'll look back, wincing a bit. She hit her arm there, mister. ]

You think to much about this.

[He lets go just as quickly as he caught onto her... but his expression is firm.]

You don't think enough of it.

[ She shrugged this off, with a another light sigh. ]

It doesn't matter that much... you should be more worried about yourself.

Don't tell me what I should be worried about!!

[He takes great offense to that statement! He couldn't believe it! Some girl telling him that he was more of a concern!]

I can take care of myself! You on the other hand... well you can't even manage to stay out of range while someone is swinging their sword! And you're telling me to worry about myself!?

... I wasn't paying attention. [ A pause. ] She was running in front of me.

[ She being her white rabbit cuddled up in her arm. ]

... And you're being a bit loud.

[Oh. Hello there, rabbit. When did you get there?]

You... You mean to say you were cut by my sword FOR THE SAKE OF CHASING SOME DUMB RABBIT!?!?

[Sorry, did you say something about being loud? He got a little louder there, just for you.]

[ It was here the whole time. /insert creppy tacky music here. ]

She is not dumb! You'll hurt her feelings.

[ Well, crap, she was a bit loud there herself. ]

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