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[War - What I Am]
unit_202 wrote in rubycity_rp
[Waking up in Ruby City is always one of two things; Miraculous(for the sake of actually surviving the night), or terrifying(because things have changed, yet again.). Today, apparently, it is a case of the latter.

Sitting up from a bed of leaves upon which she most certainly does not remember lying down when she went to sleep, 202 glances around herself with the air of somebody who's played this game--or one much like it--before. This is definitely not the forest of the city, not judging by the flora and by the sounds and smells that she can detect even without getting up... There are things moving out there. Big things. Reaching automatically for her communicator, she fusses with it for a few moments before the static and silence it responds with inform her that it's not going to work here.

Of course.

With a sigh, she tucks it into the thigh pocket of her fatigues...And proceeds to begin stripping out of them, folding them neatly as she goes.

Anybody who catches her up to this point will have the usual tiny blonde girl to deal with. Once she's finished sorting out her clothes, however, she'll shift-- And instead of that petite, freckled little thing they'll find 8 feet of shaggy-coated werewolf, the kind of monster that might seem much more at home in this sort of unpredictable setting. Without knowing what she's up against out here, after all, it's better to be safe than sorry...]

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[ Well, compared to the huge creature she saw awhile ago this one is much better. At least it wasn't after her or her rabbit... She silently walked closer to it, it didn't seem intimidating, but she it was mostly curiousty that brought her closer. ]


[The girl? No. The rabbit... Well, a prey animal is a prey animal, but the fact that this one is currently being held like a pet means that 202 will make every effort to restrain herself. The girl holding it is much more interesting anyway... That hairstyle... This must be Vash's sister, there's just no question.

As 202 settles gently onto her elbows to watch the girl approach, she tilts her head curiously. She must be a brave little thing, this Lili, to walk right up to a monster of 202's considerable size... When the girl greets her, it's almost enough to make her want to laugh. Instead, she just slowly wags her tail by way of reply. It's not much, but hopefully it will make up for the words she can't use right now.]

[ At times bravery is just another word for stupidity, but she didn't mind since it didn't seem to want to attack her. So maybe this one is different? It didn't look happy, either, but that might just be her.

She blinked, so it does understand? And it didn't want to hurt her, well, she gives her a smile promptly sitting down, holding her rabbit closer. ]

Shshh, it's okay. [ She looked down at her pet, petting it to comfort her. ]

[Bravery and stupidity are often entirely interchangeable--202 would agree to that without a doubt, as would Lili's brother, she's sure...She's seen him act accordingly more than once, after all. Perhaps it's a trait the two nations have picked up from one another.

02 wants very badly to shift back to human, to talk to this girl she's heard so much about, but... This jungle hardly seems safe, and she'll be better protection in this form. Hopefully an opportunity will arise later, but in the interim 202 lies down in an attempt to look as friendly as possible and just hopes that the tiny girl will have some better idea about their situation than she does.]

[ She would have been grateful if she bumped into her awhile ago, since for now she's mostly safe since she managed to run away from some of the more dangerous animals and... things. It didn't look like a normal dog, and she could tell it was some kind of wolf, but it didn't act like one although her small pet was still in shock which could understand easily. ]

Maybe... Are you tired? [ That could be the reason as to why it didn't do anything! Some part of her is glad yet she couldn't help but worry over 202. ]

[202's size alone is a good indication that she's no natural animal, but the fact that the girl continues to speak so genteelly to her indicates that perhaps she doesn't mind. It would be enough to make 02 smile, if she could. Instead, she just wags her tail lazily in response, keeping one ear cocked to listen to the jungle in case anything approaches. She'd never be able to look Vash in the eye if she let something happen to his little sister, after all.

After a moment she glances to one side, hearing something moving off in the trees not too far away. It doesn't sound dangerous yet, but one can never be too careful.]

/facepalm Lili needs to learn suspicion.

[ She furrowed her browes in worry, then slowly, very wairly reached ou to pet it. It might not have been the smarted of things to do with a wolf, but it looked calm? She was a bit to into petting her to notice the sound, even though she was extremely worried just a moment ago. All the while her rabbit hid behind her, scared of the obviously larger animal. It's easy to catch her distract her, especially cute things or animals drawings too. Although once she noticed that 202 was looking somewhere else, she drew her attention to rather distant sound. Of course, she wasn't a wolf so that sound was barely there for her.

But she had a gun with her, shoved in somewhere under her rather long dress and strapped to her leg. She thought for a moment to pull it out, but she worried it would scare her... friend? Off. ]

[202 ducks her head to allow the petting, the tempo of her tail's wagging increasing with the girl's attention. That noise in the distance doesn't seem to be approaching, not yet at least, and she too is content to be distracted(show her some of those drawings sometime Lili, and she'll absolutely love it) by the unexpected affection from the little nation. If some threat does decide to interrupt she'll be more than willing to protect Lili, but for now it's nice just to enjoy the petting--Maybe a little more than she'd normally admit.]

[ She hopes she doesn't mind, but she'll rest her head slightly on her. The several cuts and scratches stinging greatly, she couldn't help but try and let herself rest.

After a moment of relaxing rather carelessly, she perked up, eyes wide. ]

Oh! I'm sorry...! I didn't mean to.

[202 sighs softly when the girl pulls away, knowing just what it is that would best help to ease her wariness. She's hesitant, knowing the sort of "dog" jokes that might get made, but... After a moment she bends closer, pressing one immense shoulder protectively against the girl as she leans in to gently lick her cheek.]

[ There was a very heavy sigh, once she did that. She was forgiven, right? She was glad nonetheless. She straightened her back, feeling a bit more awake now, but her stiff shoulders twitched at the sudden movement. Although she hid that with a slight smile, in thanks for her rather... fluffy friend. If she let her stay for such a long time, she must have gotten stiff herself.

Then an idea struck her, so she slid her hands under the wolf's arm then raised her up. Heavy, but as much as she didn't look it she was rather strong. She didn't know what to do next, but this might have... stretched her? So she put her down, feeling rather embarrassed by that she stayed silent.

She had this tick, but it helped her calm herself down, so with a rather small hand she fiddled with her ribbon, turning it between her fingers. ]

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