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F I R S T -Video-
brotherxcomplex wrote in rubycity_rp
[She reaches up fiddle with her ribbon, it's a small tick she has but at least it managed to calm her down some,] I need to find a way to get home quickly. It getting rather late.

Brother? ... This doesn't look like home

[She continues on looking for someone, anyone to help her] Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come outside at this time, even if I was only following that rabbit.

I should have stayed home and finished fixing my dress...Maybe if I find someone...But I promised not to talk to strangers

[She frowns looking confused, almost chocking the rabbit she had in her arm with her grip.]

O-oh? [ She only now noticed the small phone like machine in the pocket of her dress, with a blink she pulled it out with her free hand. ] What's this...?

It doesn't look like something I know. [ This drove her back into confusion, due to her knowledge of technology. ]

Is this on? Hello? Brother?

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[Video that goes straight to action!]


[Like a shot Vash is out of his chair, through the door to the house and dashing towards the train station, eyes wide. It can't be. It just can't. It has to be a trick, an illusion...

But no! There she is! He dashes up to her and scoops Lili up into his arms, spinning her around while holding her tight.]

Lili! Lili, it really is you!

[He slows down to a stop, but doesn't let go even a little as he buries his face in her hair.]

Oh, my Lili, it really is you!

[ She wasn't looking at the scream at the time, since she was currently running after her rabbit that managed to leap out of her arms. Although the voice did snap her out of her little chase scene with the bunny with a quick gasp.

She looked around but was disappointed to see nothing, since the communicator fell from her hands.

It didn't take long for him to show up, though. At first she was scared by the sounds from his direction, but at the first sight of him she smiled brightly, then quickly stood up and barely got a chance to do much before being held up by him. ]

B-Brother? [ She was extremely dizzied by this, but still happy nonetheless!

Her rabbit leaped on him as well, scratching at his leg. Normal rabbit, don't shoot. ]

[Far too relieved to be upset by the rabbit, Vash bends to pick it up and hand it back to his sister with the softest of smiles.]

Lili... I'm so glad to see you. Are you alright?

[She seems fine, and he knows his sister is tougher than she appears, but he can't help the worrying.]

Of course!

[ She nodded, taking her rabbit back into a tight hug. She rested her head on him, obviously tired. ]

Brother... Where are we?

[Vash blinked a few times.]

...Don't you remember, Lili? We're in Ruby City.

[Seeing how exhausted his sister was he gently took her by the elbow, leading her towards the house he was almost done building for them.]

Come on. The house is almost done-- you can rest there safely. Your room is done, at the very least.

Ruby... city?

[ If he knew then her brother must have been here for sometime, so that made her a bit more comfortable. ]

House? [ She followed, catching up to his pace after a moment. ]

...You were here before. Do you really not remember?

[Vash glances over his shoulder at her.]

...I suppose it doesn't really matter. Yes, I've been renovating a house for-- well, it was for us, and then you left... but now that you're back it's for the both of us again.

I don't...

[ That brought her back to confusion, which was quite apparent due to her baffled stare. ]

I left?

You did. But you're here now, so it's nothing to worry about.

[Vash smiles softly at her, opening the door to their house.]

Come on, your room is upstairs.

Ah... I can't remember.

[ But she very quickly decided she didn't have to worry about it, with her brother here it can't go wrong, right? ]

A-a room? You didn't have to!

[Vash gives her a small, warm smile.]

Maybe I didn't have to, but I wanted to. You're my sister, after all.

You did work on something for yourself, too, right...?

[ She'll hold back her excitement for now, but it does slip since she was humming while waiting for a response. ]

Of course I did.

[Vash smiles warmly at her humming; he's become a lot more-- personable lately.]

But yours is most important. I can sleep anywhere, after all.

[ She noticed that, then stopped to stare at him for some time. He usually didn't smile this much, was it something she did? Maybe it's due to him not working here? So it did stress him out! But at least here he didn't have to leave that much... She might grow to like it here. ]

... Thank you.

[ She smiled up at him, promptly jumping up to hug him. He seemed oddly happy, so it brushed off on her very much. ]

This way brother won't leave, right?


[Vash hugs her back with just enough firmness to reassure her.]

Lili, I won't leave you. And back home, I don't leave that often... do I?

[He frowns a little-- did he make his sister feel lonely?]

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