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V: [Accidental Video]
[Beat up] Ready for the next round
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[The vantage point is somewhere higher up; the camera looks down on Switzerland, who is testing how much his newly-healed body can take. The only bandage still on him is wrapped around his left forearm. He's somewhere in the forest, if the surrounding trees were indication. The watch must be hanging from his jacket pocket from one of the afore mentioned tree's limbs.

This is obviously not a display meant to be seen by others. The normally modest country is shirtless, his muscles rippling as he does a series of exercises. He would be mortified if he knew that anyone could be watching, but in wonderful oblivion, he continues. Finally, exhausted, he falls to the ground on his back, breathing heavily. A satisfied smile quirks his lips as he allows himself to simply bask in the sunshine.]


[He rubs the deep cross-shaped scar just over his heart, wincing a little at the long-ago pain. Deep green eyes open and he gazes off into the distance as he slowly clenches and unclenches his left hand. Vash is back in fighting shape, despite the Princess' best attempts... And that feels good.]

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[ ashgdg; shirtless!! ]

[That was odd... that sounded like Chise... Abruptly Vash sits bolt upright, grabbing his shirt and blushing furiously. No way... He reaches out and quickly turns the video off so that only his voice can be heard.]

This thing was on? Ah, crap... Chise, was that you?

I'm sorry, I - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look!



Is that...?]

...Vash? You're all right?

[Her tone turns from incredulity to open relief at the sight of him, clearly alive and intact.]

You could have let me know you were leaving, you know...!! I was really worried we'd lost you.

[That watch was going to end up scrap metal if he could help it. Blushing furiously, Vash carefully aims the camera away from himself as he pulls on his shirt.]

Yeah... apparently, I'm fine. Sorry about before, I'm still not really sure what happened. When I woke up I was at the edge of the forest and more than a little dazed. It's taken me a bit to get all of my mind in one place again.

[He coughs uncomfortably and the rustling of him retrieving his jacket can be heard, though all 202 can see is the grass.]

Ah - Are you alright? You weren't in the best condition either, last I saw you.

[He'll turn the camera back to face him once he stops blushing like an idiot.]

[Oh, you modest types. 202 doesn't even kind of understand. She's already seen that scar, after all, what else is there to be concerned about? She just resumes talking as though nothing's amiss.]

Given that you had a concussion, it's a lucky thing you woke up at all-- But no small wonder that you needed a moment to collect yourself.

I'm fine-- I think I must have slept for a day solid, though, and I'm positively ravenous, but that's to be expected. That bolt I took didn't even scar, see?

[And as if in direct counter to his blushing awkwardness she yanks the collar of her shirt down, to prove her point. It's nothing indecent, not by a wide margin, she's just pleased to show that the skin beneath her clavicle is indeed entirely unmarred.]

[Of course, he turns the communicator back around right as she tugs down her collar. Already in a prone-to-blushing state, his cheeks flush considerably, though he manages to get ahold of himself a little quicker this time.]

That's... very nice... I mean, that it didn't scar, not your chest itself... Ah, not that it's not nice... I mean...


...It's good to see you looking well.


...If the offer still stands, I think I'm up for that cup of coffee now.

[Maybe that will wake him up from being a complete idiot.]

[if it makes him feel less embarrassed Teresa is completely un-fazed, she doesn't even seem to care or notice. well she does take notice to the scars but doesn't comment on them]

Your video's on, you might want to turn it off.

[Vash leaps for the watch, covering the screen with his hand, but not before Teresa can see him blushing furiously.]

Damn it all, I hate these things! The video feed has a mind of it's own...


Thanks for the warning, though... Hell, stupid communicator...

[she'll switch to audio too for his sake]

I've noticed this.

[she's seen so many accidental recordings already since arriving, she has to remember to keep her watch covered at all times]

Have you settled well enough yet?

"Settled" is a subjective word... But yes, I think I have as much as can be expected in this place.

As for yourself?

[Actually, she has no idea how to kindly tell him to COVER HIS SHAME see, good training blesses the body other than clearing her throat.]


[So she goes with that. CLEARING THROAT LOUDLY]


[[I swear to god I'll stop being all over the place ;w;]]

[So help him, he was going to rip apart whoever thought it was fun to turn these blasted communicators on and off at a whim. Vash grabs the watch and quickly switches it to audio only, but he can be seen blushing furiously just before the screen goes dark.]



Hello, Vietnam.

[He's just going to go curl up in a corner and die knowing that anyone saw him like that.]

((No worries! :3))

[And now to keep it audio for his sake!]

Good exercises.

[That may sound weird, but she's really just trying to help him out here.]

[Can she hear the sound of him blushing like a moron? He's pretty sure all that blood rushing to his face has to be audible.]

...Thank you...



Germany's coming to live with us in the treehouse!

[Changing the subject? Of course not!]

[Oh Ruby City, you're bringing Izaya endless amusement.]

Wah! Shirtless man! Shirtless man!
Indecent exposure!
My innocent little eyes can't take it!

[Along with the text Izaya had somehow programed the watch to post a yellow icon with his dollars handle "Kanra" written underneath it]

[Oh good. Ruby City has a new sarcastic jerk. The texting function isn't one that Vash has used very much, but...]

Somehow I doubt your eyes are innocent.
What, jealous?

[At least over a text he can be as snarky as he wants without the other seeing him blushing at being seen. Sarcasm is a language this country speaks very fluently.]

[If Izaya was an honest man he would be inclined to agree. However, he isn't an honest man, he's a man who likes to pretend to be a girl to screw with people.]

Exposing yourself to innocent girls! Pervert! Pervert!
And sarcasm is the lowest form of communication.

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[Vash, backward as he is, is a few centuries too old to be taken in by any such crap.]

Your texts would be a lot more convincing if your tone didn't change from sentence to sentence.
If it is indeed the lowest form, it makes sense that you would speak it so well.

[he was just inspecting his communicator and now... oh goodness, you're half naked]

Ah... Vash. I hate to tell you zees... but I zink you are broadcasting to ze city at large.

[Of course. This just adds the cherry to the proverbial ice cream. Vash grabs the communicator, turning it so that it faces a tree trunk.]

...I really hate these stupid things.

Hey, Germany... Thanks for the warning... I can't believe this...

Not a problem... sorry.

May I ask vhat ze danger is? Vhy are you training?

[There is the sound of rustling cloth as Vash pulls back on his shirt.]

Well, this in particular is because I was pretty severely injured a few nights back in a fight against one of the freaks who likes to toy with us. I'm just making sure everything is still in working order.

In general, though, it's good to keep in shape because you never know what stunt our captors are going to pull next. Also, in the forest, there are monsters, apparently, though I haven't run into them yet.

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