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III: [Video]
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neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[He's finally got these communicators figured out... sorta. Enough to control when the video turns on and off, anyway.]

I've been told by several people that the person to talk to about this place is someone called Conan? Conan, if you would be willing to meet up and talk, I would be much obliged. The same goes for anyone who has had contact with the Interloper or the Watcher, either one on one or indirectly. Of course, if either one of those beings wants to talk in person, I wouldn't object, though I doubt they have enough of a spine to show themselves.

Again, I appreciate the help.

To any other countries listening... Thank you for the generosity you have all shown me thus far despite my... history. I'd like to apologize in advance for any future offense on my part, since I know myself well enough to know I'm not the easiest nation to interact with. If we're going to make it... we have to put our respective pasts behind us.


[Switzerland frowns, eyes flickering off screen for a moment. He's bad with admitting his faults, but he's trying.]

That's it for now, I guess.

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I haven't always been the most... sociable country. You could say I've had an almost hostile view of world relations... but that has to change here.

...I don't believe we've met. I am Switzerland, but most non-countries call me Vash.

[ brightening: ]

Oh! I've read about Switzerland! It must be really pretty--I've often wondered how different it must be from Hokkaido.

I'm Chise.

[One of the fastest ways onto Switzerland's good side is to compliment his home; he finds himself smiling ever so slightly back at Chise.]

It is a wonderful place, beautiful and picturesque... And I can't wait to get back there. It's nice to meet you, Chise.

Hokkaido? That's in Japan's place, right?

[ and chise is full of them. she loves history, even when she's had to... well, let's not get into that. ]

I can imagine. [ wistfully. ]

Yes, yes it is.

Ah -- I'm Edogawa Conan. It's nice to meet you, Mr ... ?

[Not used to the whole "interaction" thing, Vash totally forgot about introducing himself over the feed.]

...I'm Switzerland, but it's probably easiest if you just call me Vash.

[France had said that Conan was young, but Vash is surprised by just how small he is. His anger at their captors for bringing even children into this sick game sits like a rock in his stomach, but he pushes away those thoughts for the moment.]

Thank you for responding. I've heard nothing but praise about you and your intellect... Ah, but what should I call you? I mean, I've only heard you referred to as Conan, but is there something you would prefer to be called?

[He's struggling with his lack of social skills slightly.]

Vash-san. It's nice to meet you.

[Conan squirms slightly at the compliment -- he ... really is not doing well at maintaining a low profile at all.] That's ... very kind of you to say. I've been here long enough to know a lot about the city, and I've seen the Interloper and Watcher in person, so I'll try to answer your questions ...

Ah, but if it's them you want to talk about, it's better to meet in person. And anything's fine, but I prefer Conan-kun or Edogawa-kun ...

Conan-kun then.

[Relieved that he's finally on the trail of some real information, Vash finds himself smiling openly, which he quickly replaces with his normal serious face.]

I agree, talking in person is the best thing. I'm not huge on talking to people over these devices anyway... Do you have a specific place in mind?

How about we meet on the big bridge before the castle moat and go from there? It should be easy enough to find.

That certainly takes some honor to say, Switzerland. If you do ever need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.



[He's never thought of it that way before...]

Thank you, Hungary. I'm afraid that I may be asking for your help sooner than later.

[He still doesn't have a real plan, but...]

The same applies to you. I'll try my best to help in anyway possible, should you ever need it. According to France I'm a walking arms factory, for what it's worth.

Mhm. It's not something many Nations would admit to. Especially some of the thick skulled ones.

[She smiles and nods her head.]

Well, it will just be nice to have your familiar face here with us.

Have you found somewhere safe to stay? You're always welcomed to the forest house.

Vietnam just gave me the same invitation.

[He lets a small smile slip onto his normally stoic face.]

I think I'll take you both up on it. I'll be more comfortable in the forest over the city anyway...

[Claps her hands together happily.]

Wonderful! We'll have to prepare something for you then~ You must be a bit famished, hm?

Is there anything you'd like to eat? I can also prepare a room for your arrival.

[Hmm...someone who has an interest in their 'hosts'? That captures Jan's attention, causing her to slip into her 'yeoman' role for the first time in weeks.]

I've only had limited contact with the Watcher and Interloper but I have been researching this place for months. And I have some [There's a slight but very significant pause.] experience with the other beings that have some control over this place.

[Vash raises an eyebrow at that last part, but otherwise remains expressionless.]

Then you are someone I would very much like to talk to, Miss. I'm Switzerland, or Vash, by the way.

Rand. Janice Rand. I'd be glad to share what information I have with you. What exactly are you wanting to find out?

Since you only mentioned the Watcher and the Interloper, does that mean you didn't know about the rest of our audience?

[His frown deepens.]

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm searching for... But you've already helped a great deal. I wasn't aware that there were... others... involved.

[He's also not pleased by her use of the word "audience" though it would explain the odd feeling he's had of being watched ever since he arrived...]

I've been told that the communicators aren't the best way to discuss such things. Would you mind meeting me in person? I would be very interested in finding out more of what you know, if you're willing to share.

There's a few other players that aren't spoken of often. And, the watches aren't reliable. They have a tendency to turn on at inopportune times and I know that our 'hosts' listen in on them.

I have files throughout the city, but there collected here at the police station. If you'd like to come by, I'd be glad to share what I know.

Conan is one of the smartest young ones here, very talented.

I have not spoken to the Interloper or the Watcher before, but I have to one of their guests. You may find them around sometime.

[She then smiles]

And it's nothing, really. You haven't done anything worth getting hostile over.

The more I hear about these "guests" the less inclined I am to speak to them cordially...

[He allows the faintest hint of a smile in return to Vietnam's.]

I appreciate it, Vietnam. How are you holding up?

While it'd be interesting to see, apparently they have these techniques that make them extremely hard to defeat. One of Japan's heroic warriors, Date Masamune, fought one and was left injured, I think if we need a recount, we better find him.

[She smiles again as she shrugs lightly]

Better, the company helped. And I'm a little relieved that I am free of the latest city..."amusement". How about you?

So fighting solo isn't an option... But...

I'm doing as well as can be expected. There are some very helpful people here who are filling me in about this place...

[He scowls at the thought of the "auction" and the fact that others are willingly participating. Don't they realize they're debasing themselves? Cattle and sheep are sold at auctions, not people.]

...I am glad to see you've managed to avoid all that mess.

Mm, but it's not like they're impossible, yes?

Ah that is good. Have you found a place to stay? If not, we have lots of room where we are residing.

[She laughs a little, because if she was stuck in that, there would be hell to pay...]

I'm thankful too. Good to see you're not involved either. Sadly, this is only one of the tamer events which has occured.

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