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II: [Accidental Video/ Action]
[Neutral: Beaten] Take it like a man.
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[Though having been brought up to date on how the communicators work, Switzerland has never been very good with technology. As it hangs from his belt he is unaware that it is on and broadcasting his roaming to the world at large. The camera documents his movements from the train station along the wall until he reaches a tower. Climbing to the top with little difficulty, stairs holding nothing on the rugged terrain of his beloved Alps, Vash emerges onto the observation deck. It takes him a moment to fully grasp what lays before him.]

...[His sigh is audible.] Damn. This is too beautiful a view to be wasted on this wretched place. [His eye travels along the unbroken wall.] They were right... not that I expected anyone to be lying to me, but I suppose I hoped they might be mistaken... We really are trapped here.

[Slumping to the ground with his back against the tower wall, Switzerland takes a few minutes to simply breath the crisp air. He always felt better at higher elevations and his mind is now fully cleared of the fog of his arrival.]

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A beautiful view...?

[[Theta's mostly just being nosy, but she's also trying to be sociable.]]

[Having not realized his communicator was on, Vash is startled by this interruption to his relaxation. He fumbles with it, bringing it around to show his face.]

Ah... Yeah. [He quickly recovers, setting his face into its usual expressionless state.] I mean, it's breathtaking up here. Not as picturesque as back home, but still... [Moves communicator to show view from where he sits, revealing the (at the moment fairy-tale-esque) city, wall, and valleys beyond.]

It's hard to believe that this place is as sinister as I've been told it is.

[Video] Sorry about dropping our other thread, I just noticed LJ ate the notif. Want to continue it?

Mm, though this isn't the usual city. Our captors sometimes change the scenery on us, and more often than not we're in an abandoned city with a river of blood.

[Video] Sure, if you want. :3

I've been told that's the case. Even then, though, it would be a breathtaking, albeit slightly gruesome, view. [Rolls shoulders.] I'm finally starting to feel like myself again, not some puppet with broken strings. There is something to be said for higher altitudes and clearing the mind.

[[She chuckles softly.]]

You would like higher altitudes, wouldn't you? Mn, I can't wait until we go back to our usual place... Then I'll have something to show you that you'll also probably like.

[Unsure of how to read that tone, Vash decides to reply simply and literally.]

I was born and raised in the mountains, so being in a city makes me feel a little... cramped. I can usually ignore the feeling, but with everything being so backasswards here I guess I allowed myself to be overwhelmed... [Realizing he cursed.] Ah, sorry about that. Perhaps the fresh air has revived me a little too much.

[[She wrinkles her nose at it, but she smiles when he apologises for it. People can't help how they speak by habit, it's making the effort that counts.]]

Fresh air does wonders, doesn't it? It's nice to be here, I think. It's not at all like London. But I'm from a parallel universe to you countries, I don't know if the London in my world is like the London in yours at all.

[Normally, Vash is in better control of his tongue, due in no small part to his younger sister, but he's still not completely oriented and therefore slipping into a few bad habits.]

If it's foggy, dank, smelly, and smells like excrement, it's probably the same down to the last cobblestone. [A slight exaggeration on Switzerland's part, but the last time he visited London he hadn't been impressed.]

Similar, then... It smells like sulphur, though, and it's more smog than fog...

[[That's not an exaggeration on her part, sadly. Her home is a bit icky, to put it nicely. Still, she loves it anyway.]]

[Vietnam saw Switzerland head aimlessly, and curiosity gets the better of her, so she tries to spot him. So she follows his trail, from what was documented, right to the tower. It's been a while since she's scaled it, so time to do it again. She follows after him, still a fair bit away, before reaching the top.]

My goodness. [Usually she was much better at this. Time to increase her training regime] Ah, Switzerland, enjoying the view?

[Having heard her coming, Vash isn't startled by her appearance.]

Yeah. Reminds me of back home in the Alps... Though this scenery is a pale shadow by comparison, it's something at least.

[He scoots over so there is room on the deck for her to sit next to him, should she choose.]

[She breaths deeply, before moving over to sit next to him] Thank you. [And looks out.]

Oh, I see, it does look a little similar. I would love to see your Alps again. The pictures do not do it much justice, either.

[Vash pauses, struggling with his own internal desire for privacy... but the need to reach out to someone at least slightly familiar overwhelms his usually terse nature.]

If... When we get out of here, you should come for a visit. I'm sure Lili would love to have another girl around for a bit; brothers aren't quite as much fun, I would imagine.

[Vietnam has won her way into his heart, at least partially, for appreciating his homeland in the same way he does.]

[She nods firmly, she does believe that with Switzerland here, the town's skill will rise exponentially, his knowledge in arms is almost legendary]

Aha, I look forward to it then! And surely not, I'm sure she has more fun with you than she would with me, all I do is work. But I'm sure I can bring some interesting souvenirs.

[It's true, she sometimes wished she could be more interesting like her family. She was actually quite surprised with Switzerland, but he's turning out to be a lot nicer than his reputation makes him out to be, which is good because he is admirable.]

[He can hear the surprise in her voice and knows it must seem odd for him to behave this way, but his reputation of violence and frigidity was formed by being surrounded by other countries who would sooner beat him than look at him. In the modern world arena things are calmer, but old grudges die hard. He's a little surprised himself at how comfortable he feels around Vietnam, but he always has gotten along slightly better with non-European countries... that, and she reminds him a lot of Lili.]

In this day and age, it seems like the only thing a person can do is work. There's still so much damage left from the second World War, though we try to forget about it, and the other European countries are constantly bickering... It's refreshing to talk to someone outside of that continent, to be honest.

[Thankfully, her tough life prepared her for all types of people, and so she was prepared. Then stakes changed, but it was refreshing. In a way, it was interesting to see how a different environment can help one's socialising.]

That is true, we do as well, such is the way of family and neighbours, sometimes we love them, sometimes we wish they just stay well away. But, you can come visit my home too if you wish to take a break from it temporarily. The downside is it's very very hot, but there's lots of water and beaches, everything is probably cheap and affordable for you too.

[There's the magic word: cheap. Despite himself, Vash can't help but love that monosyllabic adjective.]

Taking vacations isn't really my thing, but I appreciate the offer. Lili might enjoy visiting you, however.

[There's also the fact that Switzerland worries that if he leaves his home unguarded his neighbors might attempt to encroach on his turf. It wouldn't be the first time; he's paranoid for a reason.]

[Stingy old misers? That one thing would make them best friends. And poor Switzerland, though this, she understands. should must nations who had to deal with a bigheaded empire.]

Ah well, anytime you change your mind, the offer's still open. And she's very welcome to come visit. What do they call it, a girl's day out? Ahaha, she can have my hat.

[Talking about visiting each other's countries was actually furthering Vietnam's resolve to get everyone home. There are people she loves here, sure, but all of them do no belong in this city]

Yeah, a girl's day out. Lili deserves several, considering the fact that she puts up with me on a daily basis.

[The more he thinks about it, the more determined he is to end this stupid game before the person he holds most dear is dragged into it. With others to help like Vietnam, it seems less impossible. Of course, up here with the whole world below him, everything seemed more hopeful... Once he descends back into the city, those feelings will most likely fade.]

...Thanks, by the way... For being willing to just sit and talk. I know I can be a little... [How to put this politely...] coarse sometimes.

I'll make sure she'll have the best time then. I'll invite my sister over too, she's a lot more girlier and trendier than me, so she'll definitely spoil Liechtenstein with pretty Taiwanese fashion too.

[Vietnam looks over at him, and shakes her head, smiling.]

It's the least I can do. Besides, I enjoyed this talk, you're interesting to be around, and I'd do it again.

That's very gracious of you. I feel like she sometimes doesn't tell me what she really wants... I'd give her anything, if she asked. Lili deserves to be spoiled.

[He doesn't realize how much like an adoring big brother he sounds... Which is probably a good thing, considering he would never be this open on any other topic.]

I'm starting to think that this whole ordeal might be worth it if it means I get to know other countries like you better. It's kind of nice, not having all the political tension to get in the way.

She's one of the kindest nations I've met, she probably thinks you've already done a lot for her. I think you can just give her something even if she doesn't ask, she'd appreciate it either way. And surprises are gifts themselves.

[But Vietnam does! Fortunately, the Asian family are always proud of their siblings (someway or another), and the importance of family only makes Switzerland much more admirable.]

I agree, the lack of politics, it's a little bit like a vacation in a sense, apart from the trouble we have to worry about. But it's true, this chance would further our diplomatic ties only for the better. It makes me feel that I should've done this earlier, back home.

[Smiles ever so slightly out of pride for his sister. To hear her complimented in such a way is so much more gratifying than any praise given to himself.]

Unfortunately, it seems to be human folly to never get along until catastrophe forces us to.

At least you don't have to go through it alone, Switzerland. Please remember that.

[Switzerland frowns slightly, never one to admit that he needs anyone's help or sympathy... but in this warped city, he has to adapt to new rules if he's going to survive. There's always the chance that none of them will remember any of this anyway once they leave...]

Thank you, Hungary, I will keep that in mind.

...I don't believe we've met.

Smoker. I'm a marine. Or was.

A marine? Then you must know a thing or two about fighting. I am Switzerland... or Vash, if that's less confusing.

I do, yes.

Got a preference Switzerland or Vash?

Vash seems to be easier for non-countries.

...It's good to see there are other fighters here. The majority of people I've met so far seem to be more... passive.


Tch. Or they just don't openly show it until the last minute. I was known as the White Hunter though, so maybe I just find them more easily.

Ah, yeah... [He has no idea how to even begin explaining that...] It's... not really important. Just call me Vash. [He'll have to ask the others how they've managed to explain themselves to people not from their world...]

Maybe. I have found that there is more strength gathered here than I initially thought... people who are more subtle than I am.

Could be. Certainly wouldn't surprise me in any case. Not that I'm that subtle either though.

If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been trapped here?

Since September I suppose.

[Raises an eyebrow.]

And you've managed to stay sane? I'm impressed.

[Stated quite dryly.]

I've had experience dealing with crazy situations.

...I'm sure you have.

...Ah, I was meaning to ask around, but maybe you have the answer... Are there any gunsmiths among our fellow captives?

Possibly, but I couldn't tell you who off hand.

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