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I: [Video/Action]
[Neutral: Beaten] Take it like a man.
neutralbyforce wrote in rubycity_rp
[Though the videostream is live, there is only black... after a few moments of muffled cursing and threats against various inanimate objects, the view is changed to first the sky above, then a building of some sort, before finally coming to rest on the flushed face of a blonde-haired young man.]

I don't get this thing. Why did it turn on? This reeks of Japan or America's doing, a pointlessly inane gadget with no instruction manual...

[For a moment, he looks worried.] ...Rather, I wish I could blame one of them. That would at least make some sense... [Angrily realizes he's broadcasting a moment of weakness to an unknown audiance.] If you're listening, whoever dragged me here, I'd start watching my back. I don't like being screwed with or forced into things. As far as I'm concerned at least one bullet has your name on it.

[The final image is of the irate man's profile, glaring out over the city into which he has found himself. With a click, the screen goes black.]

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[Oh snap, she hurries to try and fiddle with and turns on her feed.]

Switzerland? Is that really you?

[Vash pauses, hearing the voice right as he closed the watch. He flips it back open, startled.]

...Yes, it is. Who is this?

[He knows the voice well, but can't place it in his still somewhat muddled mind.]

Ah, it's Hungary. [Offers a smile and waves to the feed ad in turn, to him.]

I see you've been dropped here as well.

[His lips twitch in what could be assumed is a slight smile.]

Hungary. It's good to see I'm not the only country in this godforsaken place... wherever this place is.

Japan or America? So I take it you're a country as well?

I could give you a demonstration on how to work the communicator if you need it, and give you some basic information on this place if you like.

[Startled, he drops the watch before quickly scooping it back up and turning the video back on.]

...Yes, I am a country. Are you implying that there are others here who aren't?

[Long pause, furrowed brow.]

I would appreciate any help you could give me... and I applaud your willingness to help a total stranger.

[[There's no mistaking her thick English accent, but this definitely isn't Arthur Kirkland.]]

There are many countries here, but overall, you're in the minority. Most seem to be keeping what being a country means secret, but I figured it out.

[[Quit lying, Theta, England told you.]]

My name is Elizabeθ Buckley. And you?

Can you find your way here? [[She slowly pans the watch around, displaying her surroundings. She stops notably on the landmarks around her, showing the castle, and the marketplace. She's sitting at a fountain. Oops, the camera catches her false leg as she pans around. It's honestly accidental, but that's probably why she wants him to come to her rather than offering to meet him.]]

I'll show you how to work the communicator and tell you what I know.

[He frowns, looking around as he speaks until he spots what could be the uppermost turret of a castle in the distance.]

I am Switzerland, but most informally call me Vash Zwingli, or just Vash. I see no reason to be formal here, so...

[He takes note of her disability, but gives no outward sign that he saw.]

I will do my best to come meet you. I'm not as adept at navigating cities as I am the mountains, but I can try.

[He starts off in the direction he assumes is roughly the right way.]

If we keep talking while you're going, then I can help you navigate as you get closer.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Z...wingli. [[It takes some doing, but she says it passably well.]]

You should be able to find lodging with the other countries, I hear many of them are banding together. England is staying with me, though, and I think......Canada? [[She can't quite remember, and not because it's Canada, but because she really doesn't care.]] Is staying at ShinRa, which I wouldn't recommend.



Goodness, I'd actually want to see you go against the ones who brought us here, especially with your stock of weapons.

[Startled slightly by the enthusiasm in that greeting.]

Ah, hello... [Struggling to place a name with the face, frowning slightly.] ...Vietnam, right?

[His brow is furrowed slightly, unsure of his guess. He hates how disjointed his thoughts still are and hopes that the other country won't take offense... Why he doesn't just say this out loud is a matter of personal pride.]

[Fortunately, he got it right, as is seen by her pleased expression. Hey, as long as he doesn't go around saying all Asians look the same, she's very happy.]

Vietnam is right.

It's good to see you again, despite our hellish situation.

[Vash may be xenophobic, but he does his best to not be rude... at least to female countries. His face relaxes as he realizes he hasn't made a complete idiot of himself.]

I must admit to some pleasure at seeing you as well. I'm not normally big on the whole "interacting-with-others" thing as you know, but everything is so weird at the moment...

[He trails off, seeming to have lost his train of thought. Seeing Vietnam is reminding him of his sister, who he worries about having been left alone. His resolve to get out of this hell and back to her is helping him focus his mind a little more.]

Vietnam, what do you know about all this? I can't seem to remember anything how I got into this mess beyond that damn train...

Hey, Swiss, welcome to hell.... I mean Ruby city. Bring all your insane amount of weaponry with you?

[Grins that obnoxious grin of his]

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[Slight eyebrow twitch.]

Prussia. Somehow I'm not surprised to find you here as well.

[Fighting urge to get ticked off at Prussia's general... himself-ness. Switzerland has issues with... people...]

So, this place is called Ruby City? Hmm.

[Ignoring that last comment, as the gun slung across his back should be proof enough of how well prepared he is on the weaponry front.]

Yea, me, Mattie and Francis and Rodderdick, Hungary, England, Denmark, Russia, Belarus, America, Vietnam, Taiwan, Norway, uh...Seychelles, Netherlands, Northern Italy, Latvia...oh and Scotland. There's like almost a third of the world here.

[Blantantly ignoring it seeing as he's one of the few nations who speak German... if you call the Swiss dialect even still German]

But yea, Ruby City, be glad you got here when it's like this before it looks like a ghost town with a river of blood... it's fucking messed up here.


I hadn't gotten the impression that this was that volatile a space... Odd, to be sure, and creepy as hell, but not violent.

[Taps fingers on muzzle of gun.]

I'm surprised that so many others have gotten caught here... well, not Austria, this seems just like the kind of situation he's get himself into...

What makes this place so dangerous? Or are you just exaggerating, is as your custom?

If ya find them, I want ta get a punch in, too!


[Raises an eyebrow.]

If there's anything left of them once I'm through, I'll be sure to save you some.

Yeah, exactly!

So ya just arrived?


Where the hell are we?

[Canada's a little... wary of Switzerland. But a new Nation kicking around is still someone he should network with, so he flicks on his watch, looking a little anxious, but wearing a friendly smile, anyway.]

Sorry, Switzerland. It's... it's rather hard to find the people responsible. It's not one of our kind.

[Surprised by the usually quiet country's initiative, Vash finds himself returning the smile for a quick second before he checks himself back into his usual facial expression.]

So I've heard. I'm glad to see that at least one other mildly sane country has been dropped in here.

[Switzerland actually doesn't mind Canada, since he's quiet and minds his own business... especially in contrast to his twin, America.]

[As brief as that smile is, Canada's heartened by it. Alright, then, this is a positive start.]

Considering the company I keep, that's arguable, but I do try. Even in this madhouse of a city. Has everything been explained to you already?

[Pauses to think.]

Sort of. I'm still not totally clear on how these communicators work... Prussia says you've been here a while, so it seems like you're the country to talk to.

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